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Lake Carezza

Lake Carezza between Rosengarten/Catinaccio & Latemar

 Lake facts

Measuring 300 metres long and 140 metres wide, the Lago di Carezza lies at an altitude of 1,520 metres under the Latemar massif, at the edge of the Latemar forest in the Val d’Ega municipality of Nova Levante. It is a protected natural landmark and is fed by underground springs from the Latemar range, which is why its size and depth are heavily influenced by the season and weather: its greatest measured depth was 22 metres.  

The water nymph of Lake Carezza

There was once a beautiful water nymph who lived in the Lago di Carezza. She often sat at the water’s edge, braiding her blond hair and quietly singing a sweet melody. The sorcerer of Masaré heard her singing and fell in love with her. He used all of his magic powers to try and capture the maid, but she always escaped his grasp. Finally the sorcerer asked his friend, the witch Langwerda, for help. Langwerda advised him to disguise himself as a jeweller, to stretch a rainbow between the Catinaccio and the Latemar massifs, then to go to the Lago di Carezza to lure the maiden ashore and capture her. The sorcerer followed the witch’s advice, but forgot to put on his disguise. The nymph was overawed by the glittering rainbow and the many precious stones, but spotted the wizard who had hidden himself on the shore. As quickly as she had appeared, she slipped back under the surface of the lake and from that day on was never seen again. The sorcerer was so angry with the failure of his plan that he tore the rainbow from the sky and in a rage hurled it together with all the jewels into the lake. To this day the Lago di Carezza still shimmers with the most gorgeous rainbow colours, such that the local Ladin people call it the “Lec de ergobando” (rainbow lake) in their language.