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Events in the star village of Val d'Ega

Events in the star village of the Val d’Ega

Theme trails at the star village Collepietra
Full moon event Collepietra
Hike to the star observatory at Obergummer
Full moon drink star village

Full moon events

A relaxed mood under the stars, with gastronomic delicacies that reflect their star-studded creators and visually bring the universe onto your plate: rice pudding in the style of the Milky Way, dumplings that depict a lunar eclipse, Pluto mozzarella and numerous other heavenly dishes. At full moon the Val d'Ega becomes a celestial stage for events, with sufficient culinary conviviality to make anyone starry-eyed!

Star treks in summer

Every Friday during the summer months of July and August the star village offers an astronomically special day: starting at 10:00 in the South Tyrol Planetarium with a screening in two languages, followed by a walk in the company of an astronomer on the planet path at San Valentino di Sopra (approx. 1½ hours) and, after a break for lunch, a view of the sun at 15:00 through the telescope of the solar observatory.

And that’s not all! Here is the full programme of events in the star village:

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Small farmer market at Collepietra

05. - 19. Dec. 2020
Small farmer market at Collepietra with cheese products, vegetables and fruits
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