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Culinary game & forest weeks in Val d'Ega & Aldino

20/09 - 06/10/2019

Who loves the delicious game dishes, should not miss the culinary autumn in Val d'Ega and in Aldino. Especially autumn with its abundance of summer ripe fruits, berries, herbs and mushrooms provides the healthy, natural ingredients for the tasty variations of game dishes. 

So, enjoy from the 20th September to the 06th October 2019 in 12 restaurants in Val d'Ega and in Aldino special game and forest dishes under the fantastic mountain scenery of the Dolomites


Participating Restaurants

Culinary Game and Forest Festival on the Mayrl Alm in Obereggen - 21/09/2019

On 21st September 2019, the Game and Forest Festival will take place on the Mayrl Alm in Obereggen as part of the Culinary Game and Forest Weeks in Val d'Ega and Aldino. 

From 11.00 a.m. wild aperitif will be served, followed by lunch at the Mayrl Alm with local game dishes from our own hunting and musical accompaniment with the South tyrolean music band "Südtiroler Hoderlumpm". The special South Tyrolean mushrooms "Kirnig" from Aldino will also be there.


Venison médaillon with potatoes


Venison back steaks in bacon coat with porcini mushrooms

800 grams deer back
12 slices of bacon
500 grams porcini mushrooms
1 shot port wine
1 bunch rosemary
1 bunch parsley
2 tablespoons butter
1 dash of olive oil
1 pinch salt, pepper and sugar

Remove the deer back from the bones and remove the silver skin. Cut the venison fillet (800 g) into three-finger-wide slices and put aside.
Spread rosemary evenly over the bacon, then wrap the meat pieces with the 12 bacon strips and fix with kitchen thread and salt. 
Brown the medallions in a pan with melted butter until they are crispy. Place the meat in the oven at 120°C to keep it warm and cook it.
Pepper the remaining gravy in the pan, toss with rosemary, deglaze with port wine and allow to thicken. This makes a very tasty sauce with the meat. 
Sauté the cleaned and cut porcini mushrooms (500 g) in a pan with oil and season with garlic, parsley, pepper, salt and butter.
Arrange everything on a plate and serve.
This delicious autumn dish goes well with a powerful red wine!

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