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Regional products from Val d’Ega

How do the Dolomites taste?

Cheese, milk and milk products, speck, sausages, eggs, potatoes and vegetables: the farms of the Val d’Ega are also delighted to offer their speciality produce to guests and tourists! The guesthouses and accommodation in the Val d’Ega also work closely with the producers, making it a truly tasty place for visitors!

The Learner Hof farm is situated at an altitude of 1,360 metres, not far from the centre of Nova Ponente. This is where upcoming farm owner and qualified cheese-maker Stefan Köhl has opened his cheese dairy. His award-winning cheese is available in the farm shop, open Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 11.00 (or phone ahead) to buy and take home!
The range includes semi-soft, semi-hard, farmer’s, pepper, caraway, chilli and hard cheeses - all made from unpasteurised milk.

Animal health and well-being are the priorities at the Ebenhof farm in the village of Collepietra. The cattle, kept in free stalls, are bred and grazed on the farm to produce natural, high-quality milk, which has since 2007 been used as the basis for making cheese and other dairy products there.

IFrom April to October all milk up at the Hagneralm cheese dairy is made into natural, aromatic unpasteurised milk cheeses. The Hagneralm’s characteristic speck is also produced here: the pigs live outdoors from May to October and are fed on the whey from the cheese-making. The Hagneralm range of cheeses includes the following: mountain cheese (aged from three months to two years), natural hard cheese, chilli or pepper cheese, herb cheese with eleven different forest herbs, soft cheeses with white mould, cream cheese (natural or with herbs), yogurt, buttermilk and other dairy products. As the farm is run on ecological principles, product quantities are limited.

The Innerplatzerhof produces or grows speck and sausages, eggs and potatoes, with gift baskets available and a catering service also offered!