More than skiing

Sarah Meraner

More than skiing

The first sport we associate with winter is skiing. No wonder - there are after all over 125 million (!) skiing enthusiasts worldwide! Be that as it may, we shouldn’t forget the many other opportunities for winter fun that are of course also available here in the Val d’Ega! But what do such winter sports as cross country skiing, tobogganing or snowshoe excursions involve? We have selected the best tips for you!

Cross-country skiing trails

Silent landscapes with wide, meditative trails - cross-country skiing means not just gliding downhill, but above all skimming along on the flat or even uphill through the snowy white expanses. Almost all your muscle groups are exercised, making it a sport to both soothe your soul and boost your health!
You use longer and thinner poles than for downhill skiing, as well as special cross-country skis with upwards-pointing tips at the front and an upward curve in the middle. There are different types of cross-country skis depending on the style of movement – ask our experts for advice while you are here! The Val d’Ega offerscross-country fans a network of well-prepared trails between the famous Lake Carezza, the village of Nova Ponente on the Regglberg plateau and the lovely hamlet of Monte San Pietro, and of course between the mountain giants that dominate the Dolomites in winter: the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs. Cross-country skiing in Val d’Ega makes for a relaxing yet challenging sporting adventure in the great outdoors!

Cross country at Nova Ponente
Cross country at Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen
Cross country with view to the Catnaccio/Rosengarten

Tobogganing fun by day and by night

Two skids and a skeleton frame – as much as we all love skiing, we can agree that tobogganing guarantees fun, adventure and speed for all! Once simply a means of transport in winter in the Alps, Scandinavia and the Ore Mountains, in the 19th century toboggan racing became a popular form of sport. So give thanks for winter, as otherwise there wouldn’t be the toboggan runs, groomed daily, in the Obereggen and Carezza ski area, nor the unique fun to be had sledging in the natural surroundings of the Val d’Ega, nor the convenient toboggan hires. And we’d also miss the “I don’t want to go home yet” feeling of tobogganing by moonlight under the stars. Best not even to think about winter without that! ;)

Sledding on the toboganning run Hubertus under the Latemar
Sledding by night on the Epircher Laner slope - Obereggen | © Obereggen AG
Sledding under the Rosengarten

Special shoes for special months

Snowshoes too can look back on a long history: they also once had a practical use, permitting sure travel in slippery conditions. Since the mid-1990s, however, “walking on snow” has become a trend and is an ideal alternative to skiing for those who do not feel the need for speed. Snowshoeing is an endurance sport that can be enjoyed on both powder snow and groomed trails and requires no prior knowledge - but be aware that adequate preparation and information are a must! While the natural world of the Val d’Ega is indeed beautiful, and may seem peaceful and idyllic in the winter months under its soft blanket of snow, Mother Nature can nevertheless be wild and unpredictable. We have therefore put together some marvellous tour tips and information for you – and, if you would rather have a professional guide, Obereggen and Nova Ponente can offer guided snowshoe excursions!
Put your snowshoes on over a your weatherproof hiking boots and you are sure to be richly rewarded, somehow feeling at one with the surrounding Val d’Ega as you crunch through the glistening snow amidst the white-capped mountain scenery.

Guided snowshoe-hike under the Catinaccio
Snowshoes under the Latemar
Snow-shoe hike with view to the Rosengarten

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