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Travel insurance

Travel Insurance - Cancellation protection

You're probably looking forward to your holiday in the Eggen Valley - but a lot can happen before and during your stay!
To avoid unpleasant situations, we recommend that you take out travel insurance.
This insurance package, which has been specially developed for holidays in South Tyrol, contains the following services:

The HGV-Cancellation-insurance includes:

  • Cancellation cover: Cancellation fee reimbursement if you are unable to make the trip up to the value of the booked journey (without excess)
  • Termination of your journey: Reimbursement of the booked but unused part of the arrangement up to the value of the booked journey (without excess)
  • Delayed commencement of your booked stay:
    • If the journey to your holiday location is delayed through no fault of your own (e.g. car break-down): reimbursement of costs incurred on route for overnight board and lodging
    • Due to a natural event on location (avalanche, landslide, etc.): reimbursement of costs incurred for overnight board and lodging due to closed roads up to 20 % of the value of the booked trip, max. € 365,00
Cancellation cover also in case of COVID-19illness despite pandemic status

In the following, you will find important information on cancellation coverage due to the exceptional situation COVID19.
>> Information related to COVID-19 and insurance cover

Premium calculation

Under the following link you can make immediately a non-binding online premium calculation and reservation policy directly. In addition, you will also find more insurance details.
>> Travel insurance - HGV

Insurance company

Europäische Reiseversicherung AG
Kratochwjlestraße 4, A-1220 Wien.
Sitz in Wien, Firmenbuch HG Wien FN 55418y, DVR-Nr. 0490083
Aufsichtsbehörde: FMA Finanzmarktaufsicht, Bereich: Versicherungsaufsicht, Praterstraße 23, A-1020 Wien