The splendour of flowers and plants  in Eggental

The splendour of flowers and plants in Eggental

Which plants are protected?

Almost from day to day the shades of our meadows change and little by little lilies of the valley, gentians, primroses, orchids, bellflowers, anemones, fire lilies, Turk's cap and many other plants bloom. At the edge of the path there are blueberries and cranberries as well as raspberries and fields of intensely pink flowering alpine roses.

We see it as our duty to protect our beautiful and diverse nature in the Eggental. Many wild plants and flowers in South Tyrol are protected by law, as 27% of native plant species are already endangered. 
The specially protected species include aconite, arnica, most ferns, all carnations and gentians, edelweiss, bluestem, chess flowers, irises and pasque flowers, as well as all wild orchids, crocuses, tulips and daffodils. 

Sohow, the basic rule is to admire the plants where they grow and not to take them home.

Themed flower and herb hike

On the trail of the flowers & herbs of the Eggental

Guided hikes on the trail of the diverse world of plants and herbs in the Eggental. 
The aim is not to collect flowers and herbs, but to discover the hidden life of the plants. Hikers are introduced to the herbs, trees and flowers, their healing properties and how they are processed. Ancient recipes, fast healing and a better well-being are the focus of these walks. So if you want to quench your now awakened thirst for knowledge and learn the myths, legends and secrets surrounding the fascinating world of flora in the Eggental, just come along on the flower excursion.

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