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Ruin Steinegg|Collepietra

The Lords of Völs built a so-called double castle complex in Steinegg, of which there are only a few left in South Tyrol. The residential castle with a view to the south was built around 1200, and about 100 years later the fortified castle was built on a 30-metre-high cliff with a view into the Eisack Valley. Virtually nothing remains of the former residential castle. But the fortified castle can still be visited. It can be reached via a secure path. The castle gate is still well preserved, as are many of the walls on the south side. However, the former battlements and the tower of the castle have completely decayed.

Parts of the ring walls and the tower of the residential castle were still visible until the middle of the 20th century. These were removed and used as building stones by some local residents who were building their own homes at the time. Today, the "Bergheim" house stands at the foot of the former tower.

The idyllic viewpoint with the castle ruins can be reached on foot from the village centre of Steinegg in 20 minutes.
Kirchweg|Via della Chiesa 5 - 39053 Steinegg|Collepietra
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