Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail II - Stage 3: from the Karer Pass to the Tierser Alpl Hut

Karersee, Welschnofen
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Stage 3 of the Dolomites World Heritage Geotrail II leads from the Karer Pass/Passo Costalunga through the heart of the Rosengarten mountain range, past the reef of the Schlern and on to the Tierser Alpl Mountain Refuge. The hiker will cross different environments of the Triassic atoll: the deep sea (Karerpass/Passo di Costalunga), the underwater escarpment (Rosengarten Massif) and the inner lagoon (Torri del Vajolet).

Route info
15,4 km
Activity time
6 h 25 min
1.792 m
1.094 m
Technical skills
Physical effort
Highest point
2.631 m
Lowest point
1.749 m

The realm of the volcanoes

Right next to the Pension Rosengarten on the Karer Pass, a small road leads up towards the Rosengarten. There are several signs at the beginning. You take the narrow road up until you reach a junction. Go left to the next junction, where you turn right onto Path no. 552 up to the Paolina Hut. The fi rst slope rises through sparse woods, then winds up to the hut.

From the Paolina Hut you follow the path below the cliffs to the Kölner Hut (signposted first 552 then 549). Directly behind the hut (GEOSTOP E) begins the signposted ascent to the Tschagerjoch pass. From the very outset you have to surmount rock that has been polished by the boots of many climbers. Steel ropes facilitate the climb that nonetheless requires surefootedness. At the first fork in the path go right towards the Tschagerjoch pass on the steep but well-laid path, in some parts secured, that leads to the pass.

The descent on the other side is partly exposed, unsecured and requires surefootedness. Firstly, you follow Path no. 550 (signposted Val de Vaiolet, Gardeccia, etc.) and at the next fork go straight ahead on Path no. 541 (signposted Rifugio Vaiolet). Continue beneath the mighty east wall of the Rosengarten and descend the dirt road at the end, then up to the Preuss and Vajolet huts (GEOSTOP F).

From the hut continue to the first junction, then straight on to the Grasleiten Pass and the hut of the same name located on the pass itself (signposted Path no. 584). From the Grasleiten Pass, take a path that is very poor in parts until you reach the first marked junction.

Take a right via Path no. 11A in the direction of the Molignon Pass, cross the vast bowl and then zigzag up to the pass. From there the trail continues on the flat for a short distance, followed by a slight ascent and you will see your goal for the day, the Tierser Alpl Hut. Despite the presence of steel ropes, the last part of the way down to the hut requires caution.

Please check the opening hours of the huts and restaurants:

public transportation

The starting point of the tour or the sight is easily and comfortably accessible by public transport:

Bus 180 from Bozen/Bolzano or Bus 176 from Völs am Schlern to Tiers changing Bus 184 to the Karerpass.

How to get there

Interurban bus 180 from Bozen/Bolzano or Tiers/Tires to the Karerpass or, alternatively, by car or on foot.

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