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The "BienenWald"  A source of vitality

The "BienenWald" – A source of vitality

Instructional apiary in Steinegg / Gummer

In cooperation with the forest expert Georg Kirchmaier, an instructional adventure trail with six informative stations has been established at the new Karneid instructional apiary in Steinegg/Gummer, located in the Eggental-Val d'Ega of South Tyrol. Visitors can have fun learning all about important flora and fauna and where the bees can be found at certain times of day or times of the year. Learn about the bees in the wet meadows, at the forest lake, and at the former edge of the forest – all places that are a source of vitality for these indispensable little helpers. Two additional topics that are dealt with are "bees in freedom" and "bees in the night." Just as bees live at these sources of vitality, in the course of the day and at varying times of year, they also seek out other places of strength. In this context, not only the flowers they encounter, but also the animals that live here play important roles.

Karneid instructional apiary

A total of five hives are maintained at the Karneid instructional apiary. In the summer, guided tours are conducted every Tuesday in German and Italian, led by the forest expert Georg Kirchmaier.
The tours begin at 10:15 a.m. at the Eggermoos parking lot and last about 2.5 to 3 hours.
Registration is at the tourism agency in Steinegg under telephone number 0471 619560 or by e-mail:
You can also request to have individual tours at different times by special arrangement.