Bolzano with view of Enrosadira of the Catinaccio | © Bozen/Elisa Biscardi
Bolzano/Bozen with view on the Rosengarten | © AST-VA Luca Ognibeni
Bolzano/Bozen with view on the Rosengarten | © AST-VA Luca Ognibeni
the provincial capital
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bolzano - the provincial capital

From hiking boots to high heels

Did you know that Bolzano is not at all far from the Eggental Valley? To be precise, it only takes 20 minutes from Deutschnofen, Welschnofen and Steinegg to get to the urban heart of South Tyrol - from the Rosengarten and Latemar mountains to the arcades, from alpine huts to the bistro on Waltherplatz, from ski chalets to shopping in the city! After all, seen from the other side, the gate to the Dolomites is also the gate to the provincial capital.

Even more culture...

Of course there is plenty to see, do and experience in the beautiful Eggental Valley. But anyone who wants to mix their holiday in the mountains with the atmosphere of the city will find that this is the perfect place to be! The proof can be found in a trip to Bolzano, where not only lots of museums – above all the Museum of Archaeology with the world-famous Ötzi, the South Tyrol Museum of Natural History and the Museion – are all waiting to be explored, but also the famous Bolzano arcades, Waltherplatz with its eponymous statue and the mighty cathedral behind it, and the Talferpromenade with meadows that welcome visitors for some relaxation at the heart of the capital –to mention just a few of the sights.

Four people Walther Square Bolzano | © Alex Filz

… and urban buzz by the arcade-full!

And just as there are plenty of cultural activities to try out in Bolzano, there is, of course, also strolling, shopping and sampling! Whilst beneath the arcades and in the side streets there are boutiques large and small and shops just waiting to welcome shopping queens, bakeries and cafés tempt passers-by with warm croissants, fresh bread rolls, espressos, cappuccinos, aperitifs and more –and you really won't find it all that easy to walk on by! Sitting at a table and enjoying yourself is all part of a trip to Bolzano in any case... just like a visit to the famous fruit and vegetable market! 

Couple fruit market Bolzano summer | © AST/VA_Luca Guadagnini
Various pubblic busses | © STA-Riller
Busses to Bolzano
Ötzi South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology | © Südtiroler Archäologiemuseum
South Tyrol Musem of Archaeology
Ötzi the Iceman
Woman dress shopping shops Bolzano | © AST/VA_Luca Guadagnini
Shopping in Bolzano
Shopping in Bolzano an unique experience
Haydn Orchestra Conductor | © Fondazione Haydn
Fondazione Haydn
Fondazione Haydn di Bolzano e Trento
Walk on the Oswald Promenade - Bolzano | © Alex FIlz
Enrosadira Catinaccio - View from Bolzano | © Bozen/Elisa Biscardi

All roads lead to Bolzano...

...well actually there is just the one. But in return there are many different ways of travelling it. Be it by car or bus, it only takes 20 minutes to reach the provincial capital from the Eggental Valley.

Incidentally: it all works just as easily the other way round, of course, since it only takes 20 minutes to reach the green surroundings of the Eggental Valley from Bolzano too! What a wonderful contrast! And typically South Tyrolean, of course.

Guest Pass Eggental

And if you are travelling by public transport and make use of the Guest Pass Eggental, then your journey won’t cost a thing! It has never been easier to combine a holiday in the mountains with a city break! To transform an Alpine experience into Mediterranean dolce vita! 

Enrosadira Catinaccio - View from Bolzano | © Bozen/Elisa Biscardi

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