Dog Sunset Dolomites | © Alexandra Näckler
Dog Sunset Dolomites | © Alexandra Näckler
General rules
for your holidays with dog
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Holidays with dog

General rules for dogs

So that the holiday with your four-legged friend is unforgettable

  1. Entry requirements
    When entering Italy/South Tyrol with the dog, the EU entry regulations apply. An EU pet passport and microchip identification are required, as well as a valid rabies vaccination (at least 21 days old). The entry of young animals up to 12 weeks is not allowed. Puppies are only allowed to enter from the age of 15 weeks and with a valid rabies vaccination.
  2. Mandatory leash and muzzle
    In South Tyrol, dog owners must always keep their four-legged friend on a leash.  A muzzle must also always be carried. In Italy, leashes and muzzles are compulsory on all public transport and lifts. No muzzles are available in the Val d'Ega holiday region. 
  3. Transportation in lifts and public transport
    Would you like to use South Tyrol's local transport network with your four-legged companion? No problem. Dogs may be carried on all public transport and lifts if they wear a muzzle. If the dog weighs more than five kilograms, it pays the full price. Fees may also be charged for taking your dog to the lifts. 
  4. Dispose of dog excrement
    Respect our environment and use the dog toilets. Numerous dog-toilet stations provide plastic bags to dispose of your dog’s waste. It is obligatory to carry a supply of these bags with you and to dispose of the waste as soon as possible in a trash bin. It’s prohibited to dispose of the bags outdoors anywhere else.
  5. Safely on the way on South Tyrol's mountain pastures
    grazing animals often feel threatened by dogs, so put your four-legged friend on a lead and keep your distance.
    What should I do if I am attacked? Let your dog off the lead, it will easily outrun the animal.
  6. Taking the dog to the restaurant
    In many restaurants and kennels dogs are welcome, in others they are accepted and in some they have to stay outside. There is no general regulation. We recommend that you inform yourself in advance. Many hotels now also offer their own holiday packages for your holidays with your four-legged friend.
  7. Zones reserved for children
    In Val d'Ega, there are many meadows and paths where your dog can run and play. Please avoid children's playgrounds in our villages.
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