Lake Carezza purple flowers blue water | © Helmuth Rier
Lake Carezza purple flowers blue water | © Helmuth Rier
Lake Carezza Water Reflection Latemar | © Alexandra Näckler
Lake Carezza Water Reflection Latemar | © Alexandra Näckler
Evening sun Latemar Lake Carezza | © Gabriel Eisath
Evening sun Latemar Lake Carezza | © Gabriel Eisath
Frozen Lake Carezza Sunshine Winter | © Alexandra Näckler
Lake Carezza - Fresh Snow Rainbow Lake | © Alexandra Näckler
Lake Carezza
The Rainbow Lake
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Lake Carezza - the rainbow lake in the dolomites

Lake Carezza in the Eggental valley

"...where the Dolomites look at themselves in the mirror." [European Commission]

Lake Carezza, picture-perfect, lies below the Latemar massif on the edge of the Latemar forest, in the Eggental valley municipality of Welschnofen. This picturesque lake is known far and wide: located at 1,520 metres above sea level near the village of Carezza, below the Karerpass, it is easily accessible by bus, mountain bike, ski lift or hiking trail – so you can leave your car behind. 
Its enchanting, ever-changing waters gleam, the colours ranging from emerald-green to yellow. For this reason – and of course also thanks to the legend of the “Water Nymph of Lake Carezza” – it is known in Ladin as the “Lech de l'ercaboan”, the Rainbow Lake.

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The water nymph of Lake Carezza
Legend of the Dolomites
Huts Latemar mountain winter | © Armin Mair
Christmas Magic
at Lake Carezza
Lake Carezza with view to the Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/StorytellerLabs

Rainbow Lake - Lech de l'ercaboan

Lake Carezza colourful water - first snow on Latemar | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs

Karer See lake: facts and figures

  • The lake is fed by underground springs from the Latemar range. Its size and depth therefore depend considerably on the season and the weather. 
  • Depending on the season and the precipitation, Lake Carezza can be up to 300 metres long, 140 metres wide and around 22 metres deep.
  • It is a fully protected natural monument, so it is forbidden to swim in the lake or to cross the surrounding fence.
  • The Latemar and Rosengarten massifs are reflected in its waters, a beautiful natural spectacle – and, if you look closely, fabled secrets may be revealed:
  • The legend of the Rainbow Lake tells of a water nymph who dwells in Lake Carezza. Read the story of the water nymph of Karer See lake here. 
Lake Carezza Summer Evening Atmosphere Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/StorytellerLabs
CleanUP Days Südtirol | © Patron Plasticfree Peaks (c) Lena Everding
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