Autumn Crocuses Latemar | © Gabriel Eisath
Autumn Crocuses Latemar | © Gabriel Eisath
Latemar and Eggentaler Horn autumn meadow | © Gabriel Eisath
Latemar and Eggentaler Horn autumn meadow | © Gabriel Eisath
Latemar Summer Blue Sky Pink Flowers | © Jens Staudt
Latemar Summer Blue Sky Pink Flowers | © Jens Staudt
Latemar Erzlahnscharte Winter | © Gabriel Eisath
Latemar Erzlahnscharte Winter | © Gabriel Eisath
Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage
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Latemar - Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage

Latemar, the giant of the Dolomites

Tranquil mountain adventures in the Eggental valley

The Latemar range is located in the western Dolomites and marks the border between South Tyrol and Trentino. If you are looking for both peace and adventure, this Dolomite giant is the perfect place. The Latemarium, a hiking and adventure area at the foot of the mountain, offers visitors exciting tours and adventure trails featuring topics such as nature, alpine farming, relaxation, panoramas, art and more besides. The maze of rocks known as the Latemar Labyrinth is also worth a visit! And be sure not to miss the reflection of the Latemar in beautiful Lake Carezza. All of these are impressions to keep in your mental memory album!

If you prefer to leave your hiking poles behind and saddle up instead, try the impressive 40 km cycle tour around the Latemar massif – the Latemar Ronda – with its rocky crags and unspoilt nature. And, of course, once the mountain dons its winter mantle, the ski slopes of Obereggen transform the Latemar into a real winter sports Olympus that will whet your appetite for holiday freedom!

Lift ride chairlift Oberholz - Obereggen | © Helmuth Rier
Lifts at the foot of the Latemar
Hike late summer with view of Latemar | © Alex Filz
Winter hiking
in the Latemar
The Latemar dolls
Legends of the Dolomites
Lake Carezza Summer Evening Atmosphere Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/StorytellerLabs

Latemar: where does the name come from?

Latemar: facts and figures

  • The Latemar massif looks different from every standpoint, making it a real shapeshifter that skilfully shows you its best side irrespective of where you admire it from.
  • A lonely mountain? Yes, the Latemar is beautifully lonely and quiet. The only staffed refuge in this quiet and rocky setting is the “Torre di Pisa” mountain hut.
  • What connects the Latemar with Agatha Christie? A trail, of course! The Labyrinth Trail here is actually the setting for her detective novel “The Big Four”.
  • The Latemar forest is one of Europe’s most beautiful forested areas, with a timber industry that is both rich in tradition – and sound! The favourable climate allows the tree stands to thrive and the quality of the wood is among the best in South Tyrol. This has ensured that Latemar tonewood has always been very popular for instrument making on account of its regular annual rings and lightness.
Couple Hiking Hirzelsteig Sunset View Latemar
CleanUP Days Südtirol | © Patron Plasticfree Peaks (c) Lena Everding
Insieme per il bene della natura!
Culturinarika Eggental
Summer 2023

When the stars above Steinegg dance to the sounds of the well-known South Tyrolean band, Mainfelt, 6 gourmet chefs prepare creative delights in old wood-fired ovens in Welschnofen and works of art by local artists come to life at an art performance in Obereggen or Deutschnofen, you know that it’s Eggen Valley’s Culturinarika time!

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