Wetland with view of snow-covered Rosengarten | © Gabriel Eisath
Wetland with view of snow-covered Rosengarten | © Gabriel Eisath
Less waste = more nature
Be kind to the things & the creatures you value
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Less waste = more nature

The best waste is no waste

Do you know why there is so much litter lying around in the great outdoors? First and foremost, of course, it’s because people leave their rubbish behind. The climate in our mountain landscape also means waste decomposition is very slow, while some will not decompose at all. This is not only a hazard to plant life: people and animals can also be harmed by waste that is left lying around. We therefore ask you to observe these tips:

Four tips for a clean environment

  1. Don’t leave anything behind in the natural world.
  2. Pack only what you need in your rucksack.
  3. Take home what you bring into the mountains.
  4. Separate and dispose of any rubbish carefully once you get back home.

And don’t forget: the best waste is no waste in the first place!

Information board Dismantling times Litter in nature | © Achtsam am Berg
Two skiers Kölner Hütte Slopes Rosengarten Alpenglow | © Harald Wisthaler
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