Snowshoe hikers at the foot of the Rosengarten in fresh snow | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs
Snowshoe hikers at the foot of the Rosengarten in fresh snow | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs
Group of snowshoe hikers at the foot of Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/Günther Pichler
Sheeshoe Hikers under the Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/Clicktext
Guided tours
in the Eggental
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The gentle side of winter in the Dolomites

Guided snowshoe hikes in the Eggental valley

Experience the quietest side of the Eggental valley in winter, trekking through deep forests or across snow-covered meadows. Every step reminds you of the thick blanket of snow beneath; every breath is conscious; and every glance shows you once again just how beautiful the cold season can be in the Dolomites. 

If you want to take a guided tour of the winter landscape in the Eggental valley – which is especially recommended if you are new to snowshoes or if you are not (yet) familiar with the area – then go on one of the guided snowshoe excursions, or let a hiking or mountain guide accompany you individually through the wintry Dolomites. 

You can find the full snowshoe hiking programme in the Eggental valley here:

Guided snowshoe hike Laab Alm
  • 05.03.2024
  • Deutschnofen-Nova Ponente - Malga Laab Alm
  • 10:00 - 14:00
  • Other available dates
  • Bookable online
Guided snowshoe hike Wölflhof
  • 01.03.2024
  • Deutschnofen-Nova Ponente - Wölflhof
  • 10:00 - 14:00
  • Other available dates
  • Bookable online

Snowhoe hiking Rosengarten Vajolet Towers | © StorytellerLabs
Mountain guides
Well guided through winter!
Group Snowshoe Hikers Fresh Snow View Rosengarten | © Eggental Tourismus/Günther Pichler
Hiking map
The best wintertours at a glance!
Snowshoes in fresh snow with a view of the Rosengarten mountain group | © Eggental Tourismus/Günther Pichler
Well equipped through the winter!
Woman with snowshoes View of Rosengarten and Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/Günther Pichler
Snowshoe tours
All tours of the Eggental at a glance!
© Harald Wisthaler
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