Ski Tourers Fresh Snow Latemar Towers | © Alexandra Näckler
Ski Tourers Fresh Snow Latemar Towers | © Alexandra Näckler
Ski touring
in the Eggental valley
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Ski touring and piste tours in the dolomites

Ski touring in the Eggental valley

A winter world and perfect pistes

A ski tour is a sporting experience for all those who love winter: the clarity, the cold, the great outdoors and the sense of nature that can only be found amid thick layers of snow. At the same time, those who wish to enjoy the splendours of winter must remain alert at all times:

Certain regulations apply to ski tours and piste tours in South Tyrol and its ski areas: these are for your safety and should be rigorously observed. Ski tours and piste tours are not permitted at all times or in all locations. Furthermore, when on a ski tour, always make sure you respect that natural world and do not disturb the wildlife.

For alpine ski tours, contact the Eggental mountain guides directly: they will be pleased to ensure your safety in the winter Dolomites!

In the ski areas Carezza and Obereggen it is strictly forbidden to go ski touring!

Ski tourers View of Rosengarten in the evening glow | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs

Guidelines and protective measures for ski and piste tours in South Tyrol

  1. It is forbidden to ascend pistes during the skiing hours – even at the edge of the pistes unless specifically designated and secured.
  2. It is forbidden to access the pistes during piste preparation operations as some equipment may cause danger to life. 
  3. No piste rescue service is guaranteed after the pistes are closed, nor are the pistes lit – even when special evening regulations for piste users apply.
  4. Before setting out on any ski tour in snowy mountains, make sure you are equipped with an avalanche transceiver, a probe and a shovel. 
  5. You will also need valid liability insurance to cover any harm to third parties, even if you are ascending off-piste or only partially on a piste. 
  6. It is forbidden to ski under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

More about safety regulations for skiers and piste tourers can be found here.

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Holders of the Mountain Pass can use 17 lifts in the heart of the RosengartenLatemar and Schlern/Sciliar any three or five days within a period of seven consecutive days.

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