Grey cattle Cows Meadows Eggental | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs
Grey cattle Cows Meadows Eggental | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs
Crossing Eggental’s alpine pastures
in safety
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Crossing Eggental’s alpine pastures in safety

Our alpine pastures are both popular for recreation and important for farming. The farmers here cultivate a unique landscape and preserve age-old traditions that strive to ensure the well-being both of animals and nature.

How to cross Eggentals’s alpine pastures safely: 

When hiking on alpine pastures it is vital to treat the grazing animals with respect! While they are basically docile, this is how to avoid possible conflicts with the animals:

  1. Stay on the path and do not leave marked trails. If an animal is blocking your path, go round it.

  2. Keep your distance: give the animals space, avoid contact and do not pet or feed them.

  3. Keep calm: cows have a limited field of vision and are easily scared. Make sure you can be seen in good time and move quietly.

  4. Mother animals are highly sensitive: avoid approaching young animals or putting yourself between an animal and its mother.

  5. Keep all dogs on a lead: grazing animals often feel threatened by dogs, so keep your four-legged friend on a lead.

Brown cows in meadow with view of the Rosengarten | © Carezza Dolomites/StorytellerLabs

Am I too close to a grazing animal?

Grazing animals will tell you if you are getting too close or if they think you are a danger. The following are clear signals:

  1. Signal no. 1: the animal stares at you – it sees you as a potential danger and wants to keep an eye on you.
  2. Signal no. 2: the animal lowers its head and glares at you – it is thinking of attacking.
  3. Signal no. 3: the animal charges at you – you should now at the very latest retreat to a safe distance.
Grey cows on meadow below Latemar | © Alexandra Näckler

What to do in the event of an attack?

Act as follows if the animal makes any of the above signals: 

  1. Move away as slowly and calmly as possible from the animal without turning your back.
  2. Let your dog off its lead and it will run away from the animal without any problem.
  3. If nothing else helps, try to intimidate the animal: shouting loudly and confidently or waving a stick will scare it away.

You can find more detailed information on the subject here!

Cows Children Latemar | © Eggental Tourismus/Thomas Monsorno
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