Two hikers Maria Weissenstein sunlight | © StorytellerLabs
Two hikers Maria Weissenstein sunlight | © StorytellerLabs
Chappel of saint Sebastian snowy Latemar | © StorytellerLabs
Chappel of saint Sebastian snowy Latemar | © StorytellerLabs
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Cultural treasures of South Tyrol’s Eggental valley

The Eggental, a rugged area that was in the past difficult to reach, is characterised by a culture in which religion and the world of legends have always played a weighty role, with faith providing a sense of support and strength, while mysterious stories often justify matters that reason alone cannot explain.


Oh Lord, let the weather warning ring out! At the gates to the Dolomites, between green hills and impregnable rock massifs, mighty storms frequently arose from one moment to the next and precious livestock could be swept away by torrential rains. Perhaps it was the harsh living conditions in the mountains that taught people piety: it is at any rate evidenced by the area’s numerous churches and chapels.  Every village, every hamlet fea-tures one or more of these richly adorned treasuries of sacred culture, whose walls, altars and frescoes date from the Romanesque period up to the present day.


A grain of truth and considerable imagination make up the sagas of which there are so many in the Dolomite regions. The old would teach the young the meaning of fear on icy winter evenings: as they huddled around the oven, tales of witches and kings were told by flickering candlelight - light and shadow played on the imagination, fertile ground for these figures from the rich world of legends. The Dolomite legends constitute an eerie yet beautiful part of the cultural heritage of the Alps.


Pure air and clear skies represent the best conditions for stargazing. The hamlet of San Valentino in Campo has made a name for itself as South Tyrol’s star village. Here, in picturesque surroundings, is one of the world’s most modern planetariums, while the planetary trail, the solar ob-servatory and the Max Valier observatory are all well worth a visit!


The museums of the Eggental lead us into the past of this Dolomite valley and its people: life on the farm and in castles, handicrafts and piety are all brought to life for visitors in wood-panelled rooms, workrooms or through sacred treasures and statues..

Hikers in front of Maria Weissenstein Church in Eggental | © Eggental Tourismus/StorytellerLabs
Maria Weissenstein
The cathedral in the Dolomites
Frescoes St. Helena Church Deutschnofen | © StorytellerLabs
Churches & chapels
A land of prayer houses
Castle Cornedo Vines View of Bolzano | © TV Steinegg/Alfred Tschager
Museum & castles
Castle (hi)stories
Mermaid of the Lake Carezza green/yellow water | © Maria Gufler
Legends of the Dolomites
Mysteries of the Dolomites
Starry sky summer Rosengarten and Latemar | © David Gruber
Star village Steinegg
The sky above the Val d’Ega
St. Helena chappel summer hikers | © StorytellerLabs
CleanUP Days Südtirol | © Patron Plasticfree Peaks (c) Lena Everding
Insieme per il bene della natura!
Culturinarika Eggental
Summer 2023

When the stars above Steinegg dance to the sounds of the well-known South Tyrolean band, Mainfelt, 6 gourmet chefs prepare creative delights in old wood-fired ovens in Welschnofen and works of art by local artists come to life at an art performance in Obereggen or Deutschnofen, you know that it’s Eggen Valley’s Culturinarika time!

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