E-Bike Weißhorn sunset | © Jens Staudt
E-Bike Weißhorn sunset | © Jens Staudt
E-Bike charging stations
in Eggental
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E-Bike charging stations

E-Bike charging stations in the Eggental valley

Plan and inform in advance

How many kilometres the battery of an E-bike lasts depends on several factors. It is therefore recommended that you find out about recharging options when planning your bike tour.

Here are the recharging possibilities for E-Bikes in Eggental: 

E-bike charging station - GEOPARC Bletterbach (Copy)
E-bike charging station
E-bike charging station Alpine hut Schmieder
E-bike charging station
Gummer/S.Valentino in Campo
E-Bike charging station - Gummer|S.Valentino
E-bike charging station
Welschnofen/Nova Levante
E-Bike charging station - Parkplatz Sessellift Paolina Karersee
E-bike charging station
E-bike charging station Alpine hut Gurndin
E-bike charging station
E-Bike charging station - Kardaun|Cardano
E-bike charging station
Petersberg/Monte San Pietro
E-Bike charging station - Fire station Monte San Pietro
E-bike charging station
E-Bike charging station - Steinegg|Collepietra
E-bike charging station
E-bike charging station Berghotel Jochgrimm
E-bike charging station
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Wie funktioniert's?

How does it work?

Charging at the e-bike stations is free.
You can recharge using a standard RFID card (credit card, room card...) or via app, which can be downloaded via the following link https://ccsaltosciliar.ecospazio.it/.

As soon as you enter the charging station via the RFID card or the app, you will be assigned a charging compartment with integrated sockets. Stow your contents in the compartment and lock it. The charging process will start. 
Important! For charging at the charging stations, you must have the appropriate power supply unit for charging your bike with you. It would also be advisable to take a bicycle lock with you to lock your e-bike during the charging process. 

The process is repeated when you return. Get on via the RFID card or the app and your charging compartment will be assigned and opened. Remove your things and close the compartment.

E-Bike charging station in Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente

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