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Max Valier observatory & Planetarium Alto Adige

Observatory and planetarium

Where the heavens move the Earth

The flickering sparkle in the skies above mingles with the murmur of the night. The stars shine down on Earth and tell of the beauty of outer space.

Stargazing is possible everywhere in Cornedo because one of the “finest night skies” – according to Astronomitaly is truly pitch dark here. Yet, day or night, stargazing in Europe’s first star village is a live issue! Because here, in San Valentino in Campo, can be found South Tyrol’s only astronomical observatory, the Peter Anich solar observatory and the only planetarium between the Brenner Pass and Trentino.

Planetarium South Tyrol | © Gemeinde Karneid
Planetarium South Tyrol
Planetarium South Tyrol | © Gemeinde Karneid
Star observatory by night at Obergummer

Planetarium Alto Adige

Whatever the weatherman might say, in South Tyrol’s planetarium the view of the universe is always cosmic and clear. Up to 53 star trekkers can sit in comfort - almost like real astronauts - and travel round the Earth in the Cosmos Simulator, through the rings of Saturn, to shimmering mists of colour and into the depths of the universe.

Max Valier observatory

Sun, moon, stars, planets – indeed, all that the universe has to offer - can be observed through several telescopes at an altitude of 1,340 metres above sea level. The Max Valier observatory, the Peter Anich solar observatory and the observation platform bring the sky over San Valentino in Campo just that little bit closer.

The complex is administered by the volunteers of the Max Valier Amateur Astronomers Association, who once a week introduce visitors to a Who’s Who of the starry sky.

Guided tours

The Planetarium South Tyrol regularly hosts shows in German and Italian. You can find the guide calendar at
Booking is requested, either by phone on +39 0471 610020, by e-mail to or online at

Public guided tours of the Max Valier observatory take place all year round every Thursday evening (in summer: 21:00). No tours if the sky is overcast! Telephone bookings only on +39 0471 610020.

Public guided tours of the "Peter Anich" Solar Observatory and, on request, guided walks on the Planetary Path take place in July and August! Telephone bookings only on +39 0471 610020.

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