Star Village

Specialist accommodation

Specialist star village accommodation

A heavenly place to stay…

…how could it be otherwise, in the specialist accommodation of Europe’s first star village! With telescopes, constellations and even space shuttles to be found in the rooms, and an astronomical book corner in the lounge, guests are guaranteed to feel in (holiday) heaven!

You have a choice of 8 specialised establishments and plenty of other places to stay for your holiday between Collepietra and San Valentino in Campo in Europe’s first star village, located in the municipality of Cornedo.

Apollo11 - Hotel Oberwirt
Apollo11 - Hotel Oberwirt
Apollo11 - Hotel Oberwirt
Apollo11 - Hotel Oberwirt

Hotel Oberwirt Weisses Kreuz***s

  • Sundial in the garden
  • Star room with direct view into the sky
  • Star learning menu 
  • Milky Way across the house - from the garage to the wine lounge
  • 6 star rooms on the top floor
  • 2 Moon-Rooms
Absolute highlight: 

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing the worldwide unique room Apollo11: 

  • Original size reconstructed lunar module (family room)
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Dolomiten Residence Sonnleiten****

Holiday apartment "Sterngucker"
  • south-west balcony
  • fully equipped kitchenette
  • Spacious living area with fine weather starry sky
  •  "Reading Astronomy" 
  • separate bedroom with double bed & 3rd bed. At night 1000 stars shine above you! 
  • bright bathroom
  • "Star-Shuttle" for children
  • private panoramic roof terrace with whirlpool, herb garden, loungers and telescope. 
Holiday apartment "Sonnenadler"
  • Sun - south balcony incl. herb garden & private whirlpool tub
  • Parents room with double bed
  • The nest of the little eagles is a cosy 3 bed room
  • kitchenette 
  • cosy sitting area
Holiday apartment "Sonnenparadies der kleinen Bären"
  • large south-facing balcony with whirlpool tub
  • 2 separate bedrooms
  • The parents room offers double and single beds.
  • The paradise of the little bears is a cosy area under the roof with a starry sky.
  • kitchenette
  • cosy sitting area 



Bio-Hotel Steineggerhof***

Star Village Steinegg - Collepietra

The double room Mercury named after the planet closest to the sun, Mercury, is extremely sunny and has the large solar terrace. In the 4 suites Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have incorporated the colors and distinctive features of each planet. All have a small kitchenette and they can also be used as apartments.
The yoga room reflects the theme of the Moon and the balance between day and night. The large panorama roof terrace with sauna is called "Star Terrace - Stairway to Haven” - and is used for relaxing, for yoga lessons in the morning and afternoon - and of course for observing the stars.
Another highlight: sleeping on the terrace under the sky tent.