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Themed trails in the Dolomites

Themed trails around the star village 

Get close to the stars!

The planetary trail that starts from the Max Valier astronomical observatory in San Valentino di Sopra will take you far into space: the solar system is laid out for walkers at a scale of 1:1,000,000,000, offering an interplanetary trip through the natural surroundings of the star villages – a total of ten kilometres and 2½ hours, all the way from Mercury to Pluto.

Using your Smartphone and the free app izi.TRAVEL you can even bring your own pocket astronomer with you. And at every planet there is a station giving fascinating facts about each celestial body!

A new themed trail is currently under construction to connect the observatory in the star village of Collepietra with the planetarium in San Valentino in Campo – something else to watch out for!

Planet Path S. Valentino
By using the scale of 1:1 billion to represent the solar system, in the ‘star village’ of San Valentino in Campo it is possible to hike from Mercury to Pluto in just a few hours. 
Theme trail
9,1 km
3 h
Earth pyramids
Romantic hike through forests, meadows and gorges with a view of the mighty earth pyramids, remnants from the ice age. 
Hiking trail
5,4 km
1,7 h

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