Val d'Ega

Guided hikes trough the Dolomites


Guided hikes through the Val d’Ega Dolomites

Hike, marvel, learn

Hiking and the sunset have something in common: they are even better when experienced with others! With a knowledgeable hiking guide explaining the wonders of nature of the surrounding Dolomites while walking through the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs, a simple hike turns into a true eye-opener for the inquisitive mind. Amazement guaranteed on hiking tours in the Val d’Ega!

During the guided hikes a distance of one metre must be maintained. This restriction does not apply to members of the same household. If this minimum distance cannot be maintained, the mouth and nose must be covered.
The maximum number of participants is 10 persons. 

Hiking programme

June to end of October 2020

Sunset mountain hike on Corno Bianco - Nova Ponente

Meeting Point: Passo Oclini, Parking | Duration: 2 ½ h | Hiking Time: 1 ½ h | Difficulty: medium |
Difference in altitude: 325 m | Conts: 7,00€/Pers.| Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have e head for heights | Booking: until Monday 12 am at the tourist offices, Tel. +39 0471 619 500 | Participants: max. 10 person

Towards the sun - morning run for walkers & joggers with breakfast 

From July to September we offer a morning run or morning walk. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, the two groups first make a great round towards the sun and then meet for a hearty breakfast at the snack station St. Helena with a wonderful 360° panoramic view. 
Start: 07.00 am, Tourist Office Deutschnofen | Return: 10.30 h | Duration: 3-3 ½ h | Costs: 10,00 €/person incl. breakfast and running and walking tips | Participants: max. 10 person

Themed flower and herb hike - Nova Ponente

Maso Lupicino Farm

Route: Tourist office Nova Ponente, E5 – Kesselmoos – Farm Wöflhof – E5 back to Nova Ponente |
Start: 10.00 am, tourist office Nova Ponente| Return: 3.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 4 h | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have a good stamina | Difference in altitude: 250 m | Difficulty: medium |
Lunch break: Wölfl Farm ca. 1.00 pm | Participants: max. 10 person


Route: Obereggen, ascent with the chairlift – Path 22 – Malg Mayrl Alm – Path 9 back to Obereggen.
Start: 10.00 am, tourist office Obereggen – Return: 3.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 3-4 h | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have a good stamina | Difference in altitude: 400 | Difficulty: medium |
Lunch break: Mayrl Alm ca. 1.00 pm  | Participants: max. 10 person

Monte San Pietro

Route: Hotel Peter - Monte San Pietro - Malga Monte S. Pietro - back to the starting point: Monte S. Pietro
Start: 10.00 am, Hotel Peter | Return: 3.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 3-4 h | Difference in altitude: 300 m | Difficulty: medium | Lunch break: Malga Monte S. Pietro ca. 1.00 pm | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have a good stamina | Participants: max. 10 person

Mountain-top trek or theme excursion - Nova Levante

The hiking aims change weekly. 

Over meadows and pastures: Lake Carezza, Moseralm, Frin, Niger, Jocher - also for families

Busstaion Nova Levante - Lake Carezza -Passo Nigra - Jocherhof - Back to Nova Levante
Start: 09.00 am, Bus-stop Despar | Return: 3.30 pm| Duration: 6 1/2 h | Hiking Time: 4 1/2 h | Length:  14,2 km |
Difference in altitude:  ascent: 400 m, descent: 800 m | Difficulty: easy | Lunch break: Jocher Hof  | Participants: max. 10 person

Hiking at the foot of the Catinaccio with a visit of the flour mill -  also for families

Ascent cable car Nova Levante - Malga Frommer Alm - visit of the flour mill 10.30 am - on the Kaiserspath and the Perlenweg to the Passo Costalunga - Lake Carezza - return with the bus 
Start:  09.00 am, panoramic map parking cable car Nova Levante | Return: 2.00 pm |  Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 2 h |
6,8 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 200m, descent: 300m | Difficulty: easy | cable car: 11,50€/adult, 7,00 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person 

Over the Messnerjoch to Malga Haniger and Valle Nigra -  also for families

Panoramic hike in the Rosengarten area over the Messnerjoch to the Haniger Schwaige, where the Vajolet Towers seem close enough to touch. Through the Nigger Valley back to Nova Levante.
Start: 09.00 am, panoramic map parking cable car Nova Levante | Return: 3.00 pm | Duration: 6,5 h | Hiking Time: 5 1/2 h |
15,8 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 570 m,  descent: 1.100 m | Difficulty: medium | cable car: 11,50€/adult, 7,00 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

On the path "Via delle feide" to the Rif. Roda di Vael hut

Vigo di Fassa - Ascent with the cable car Ciampedie - Ciampedie - path "Via delle feide" - Rif. Roda di Vael hut - Passo di Costalunga - Return with the bus 
Start: 09.00 am, Bus-stop Despar | Return: 4.00 pm | Duration: 7 h | Hiking Time: ca. 3,5 h | Length: 8,7 km |
Difference in altitude:
ascent: 460 m, descent: 700 m | Difficulty: medium |
cable car: Ciampedie:
10,50€/adult, 7,00 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

Mountain-top trekt to the "Vajolonköpfl" 

Ascent with the chairlift - Masarè path - Passo Vajolon - Rif. Roda di Vael hut - Rif. Paolina hut - Christomannos monument - Valley station chairlift Paolina 
Start: 09.00 am, panoramic map parching cable car Nova Levante | Return: 3.30 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 4 h |
7 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 860 m, descent: 1000 m (to the top-station Paolina) | Difficulty: medium - difficult | cable car & chairlift: 17,00€/adult, 9,00 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

Forcella dei camosci and Torri di Pista (Latemar) 

Ascent with the chairlift Oberholz - Forcella dei camosci - Latemar hut - return with the chairlift 
Start: 08.30 am, panoramic map parking cable car Nova Levante | Return:  4.00 pm |
6–7 h | Hiking Time: 4 h | Length: 7,3 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 700m, descent: 700 m |
difficult  | chairlift Oberholz: 15,00€/adult, 12,00 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

Mountain hike to the Pulpito in the Latemar-mountain

With the public bus from Nova Levante to Passo Costalunga. From there we hike moderately steep on trail nr. 17 to the Latemar meadows and to the Eggental mountain cinema. We continue steeply on path no. 17 to the Pulpito (2,481 m). Descent through the Karer Forest to the Lake Carezza and return by bus.
Start: 09.00 am, Bus-stop Despar | Return: 2.30 pm |  Duration: 4 1/2 h|  Hiking Time: 3 1/2 h | Length: 7 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 660 m, descent: 660 m | Difficulty: difficult | Participants: max. 10 person

Herbal hiking - Nova Levante

 "Herbs in traditional folk medicine": with hiking guide, nature coach & forest bathing guide Helga Tschager
(July, August, September) 

"Nature is the best pharmacy." Herbal priest Sebastian Kneipp
We walk, stop and look at trees, bushes, plants and flowers, experience the traditional healing treatments, find a place of power, hear stories about herbs and trees. We learn how to collect, dry and store herbs, how to prepare herbal salt, make and apply tinctures, which ointments work. We enjoy the different scents and relax in the forest.

Start: 9.00 am before supermarket Despar “Tschager” | Duration: about 6 hours, walking time approx. 4 hours | Height difference: from 100 m to 300 m | Total length: approx. 7,5 km – 10 km | Difficulty: easy | Transport: by public bus to the bus stop “Hotel Adler” | Equipment: Provisions or refreshment (information at registration Tourist office). Sufficient water/drinks, mountain- trekking shoes, clothes, headgear, rainwear/umbrella in the backpack | Participants: max. 10 person

Forest bathing - Nova Levante 

with hiking & forest bathing guide and nature coach Helga Tschager

"There is a power from eternity, and it is green" Hildegard von Bingen 1098 - 1197 
Shinrin-yoku is Japanese and means "forest (air) bath" and "medicine of the forest". The Chinese doctor/researcher in Japan Dr. Qing Li, "inventor" of the "forest bathing" as a nature-related practice, speaks of the "Effect of forest environment on human immune function"! Japanese universities offer a medical specialization in "forest medicine".
"Forest bathing is intended to deliberately draw attention away from thinking", says Martin Kiem, forest bathing and forest therapy guide.
The benevolent and relaxing atmosphere of the woods gives us the opportunity to rediscover the "fascination" in nature to recharge our "batteries", freeing us of negative thoughts. We re-learn to relax, see, feel, touch, smell and taste.
Crossing the forest carefully, we will do exercises against mental rumination, we recharge our lungs with oxygen, we will find secular trees, which for 600 - 700 years, have grown in magical places, full of positive energy such as "the snake tree". We breathe in the oxygenated air and walk without stress and many thoughts, but full of "joy of life".
Start: 9.00 am in front of the supermarket Despar “Tschager” | Duration: 6-7 hours, walking time approx. 4.30 hours (depending on the hiking destination) | Height difference (depending on the tour): from 100 m to approx. 480 m |
Total length: approx. 10 km | Difficulty: from easy to medium (depending on the hike) | Transport: by public bus or cable car Welschnofen/ Nova Levante (information at registration Tourist office) | Equipment: Provisions or refreshment (information at registration Tourist office). Sufficient water/drinks, mountain- trekking shoes, clothes, headgear, rainwear/umbrella in the backpack | Participants: max. 10 person

Guided hike with hiking bus - Collepietra

From August

Mountain-top trek to the Rif. Torre di Pisa - Obereggen

Route: Ascent wiht the chairlift Oberholz (1550–2100 m) – path n. 18 – Latemar 360° – Forcella dei Camosci – path 516 – Rif. Torre di Pisa (2671 m) - descent path n.516 and path n.22 – descent with chairlift 
Start: 10.00 am, tourist office Obereggen | Return: 5.00 pm | Duration: 7 h | Hiking time: 6 h | Difference in altitude:  750 m | Difficulty: medium-for experts | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have e head for heights | Lunch break: Rif. Torre di Pisa | Chairlift Oberholz: 15,00€/adult – 12,00€/children | Participants: max. 10 person

Geological hike

Bletterbach gorge -Pietralba

Nova Ponente - GEOPARC Bletterbach – Guide trough the museum – descent trought the gorge – Butterloch – path E5 – Kösertal (1696 m) – Malga Monte S.Pietro – Pietralba
Return to Nova Ponente: by bus or by foot (ca. 1,5 h).
Start: 09.30 am – Return: 5.15 pm | Meeting point: tourist office Nova Ponente | Duration: 7 h | Hiking Time:  4 – 4 ½ h | | Difference in altitude: Ascent: 480 m, Descent: 510 m | Length: 10 km | Guide Geoparc Bletterbach: 6,00€/Pers.

Bletterbach from above - Geological hike with view

This pleasant hike at the foot of the Weisshorn with a constant view of the Bletterbach Gorge is a feast for the eyes. Discovering the Bletterbach Gorge from above with our expert guide is bound to inspire you. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its steep rock faces, rushing waterfalls, fossil plant remains and dinosaur tracks. The geological features open up completely new perspectives for hikers interested in geology and nature.
Start: 10.00 a.m., Laab Alm | Return: 3.00 p.m. | Duration: 5 h | Hiking time: 3 h | Difference in altitude: 360 m | Length: 9.5 km | Difficulty: easy | with refreshment | Number of participants: max. 10 persons

Relaxed strengthening of the immune system - new forest and meadow walk

Sometimes the essential is right in front of us, but we do not see it. So that the beauty of the Eggen Valley is revealed to us, guides who know the area take us on a special tour. Away from the well-known hiking trails, we go in small groups through woods and meadows. The focus is on strengthening the immune system. The encounter with nature invites you to relax and let the mystical beauty of the surroundings take effect on you. Those who wish can take Kneipp treatments, such as facial baths, arm baths and foot baths at the fountains and streams along the route,
Walk barefoot and thus experience the forest and nature in a very conscious way.
Start: 10.00 a.m., Weissenstein bus stop | Return: max. 3.00 p.m. | Duration: 5 h | Walking time: 2 hours | Difference in altitude: 200 m | Length: 7 km | Difficulty: easy | with refreshment | Number of participants: max. 10 persons

For more details about all the hiking programme check out on the web page Events.
Information and booking: always until the day before 17.00 clock at the tourist offices or on tel. + 39 0471 619 500.

Subject to change.

Well guided and well explained!

The herbs and flowers twinkling along the footpath, the forest of Carezza clad all in dense green, the delicate pink of the evening glow on the Corno Bianco, the shimmering starry sky over the hamlet of San Valentino in Campo – everything has a voice and a story to tell. Our hiking guides will share them with you!