Val d'Ega

Guided hikes trough the Dolomites


Guided hikes through the Val d’Ega Dolomites

Hike, marvel, learn

Hiking and the sunset have something in common: they are even better when experienced with others! With a knowledgeable hiking guide explaining the wonders of nature of the surrounding Dolomites while walking through the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs, a simple hike turns into a true eye-opener for the inquisitive mind. Amazement guaranteed on hiking tours in the Val d’Ega!

During the guided hikes a distance of one metre must be maintained. This restriction does not apply to members of the same household. If this minimum distance cannot be maintained, the mouth and nose must be covered.

Hiking programme


Sunset mountain hike on Corno Bianco - Nova Ponente

From the Jochgrimm/Passo Oclini car park (individual arrival), the hike with hiking guide Erich Obkircher takes about 50 minutes through flowering alpine meadows and fragrant mountain pine forest up to the rocky, white summit of the Weißhorn/Corno Bianco (2313 m). At the top will be served a small South Tyrolean snack with freshly sliced bacon and cheese as well as wine and apple juice - and a box seat for the fabulous alpenglow. Headlamps are provided for the 30-minute descent. Those who want to experience this special tour need good shoes and should be sure-footed.
Meeting Point: Passo Oclini, Parking | Duration: 2 ½ h | Hiking Time: 1 ½ h | Difficulty: medium |
Difference in altitude: 325 m | Costs: 7,00€/Pers.| Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have e head for heights | Booking: until Monday 12 am at the tourist offices, Tel. +39 0471 619 500 | Participants: max. 10 person

Towards the sun - morning run for walkers & joggers with breakfast - Nova Ponente

From July to September we offer a morning run or morning walk. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, the two groups first make a great round towards the sun and then meet for a hearty breakfast at the snack station St. Helena with a wonderful 360° panoramic view. 
Start: 07.00 am, Tourist Office Deutschnofen | Return: 10.30 am | Duration: 3-3 ½ h | Costs: 10,00 €/person incl. breakfast and running and walking tips | Participants: max. 10 person

Themed flower and herb hike - Nova Ponente

The hiking aims change weekly.

Maso Lupicino Farm - Nova Ponente

Route: Tourist office Nova Ponente, E5 – Kesselmoos – Farm Wöflhof – E5 back to Nova Ponente |
Start: 10.00 am, tourist office Nova Ponente| Return: 03.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 2 ½ h | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have a good stamina | Difference in altitude: 150 m | Difficulty: medium |
with lunch break 

Latemarium - Obereggen

Route: Obereggen, ascent with the chairlift – Path 22 – Malga Mayrl hut –
Variant 1: on the LATEMAR.NATURA trail back to the Oberholz mountain station and with the lift to Obereggen.
Variant 2: Path 9 back to Obereggen.
Start: 10.00 am, tourist office Obereggen – Return: 03.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: Variant 1: 2 h, Variant 2: 3-3 ½ h | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have a good stamina | Difference in altitude: 150 m to the Mayrl Alm, Variant 2: 500 m of descent | Difficulty: medium | with lunch break  

Monte San Pietro

Route: Monte San Pietro - Malga Monte S. Pietro hut - back to the starting point: Monte S. Pietro
Start: 10.00 am, bus stop Monte S. Pietro| Return: 03.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 2 h | Difference in altitude: 100 m | Difficulty: easy| with lunch break 

Mountain excursion - Nova Levante

with hiking guide Ferdinand Pardeller (the hiking aims change weekly)

Over meadows and pastures: Lake Carezza, Moseralm, Frin, Niger - also for families

Bus station Nova Levante - Lake Carezza - Passo Nigra - back to Nova Levante
Start: 09.00 am, Bus-stop Despar | Return: 03.30 pm | Duration: 6 ½ h | Hiking Time: 4 ½ h | Length:  14,2 km |
Difference in altitude:  ascent: 400 m, descent: 800 m | Difficulty: easy | Participants: max. 10 person

Hiking at the foot of the Catinaccio with a visit of the flour mill -  also for families

Ascent cable car Nova Levante - Malga Frommer Alm hut - visit of the flour mill 10.30 am - on the Kaiserspath and the Perlenweg to the Passo Costalunga - Lake Carezza - return with the bus 
Start:  09.00 am, panoramic map parking cable car Nova Levante | Return: 02.00 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 2 h |
Length: 6,8 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 200m, descent: 300m | Difficulty: easy |
cable car: 12,50€/adult, 7,50 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person 

Over the Messnerjoch to Malga Haniger and Valle Nigra -  also for families

Panoramic hike in the Rosengarten area over the Messnerjoch to the Haniger Schwaige hut, where the Vajolet Towers seem close enough to touch. Through the Niger Valley back to Nova Levante.
Start: 09.00 am, panoramic map parking cable car Nova Levante | Return: 03.00 pm | Duration: 6 ½ h | Hiking Time: 5 ½ h |
Length: 15,8 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 570 m, descent: 1.100 m | Difficulty: medium |
cable car: 12,50€/adult, 7,50 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

On the path "Via delle feide" to the Rif. Roda di Vael hut

Vigo di Fassa - Ascent with the cable car Ciampedie - Ciampedie - path "Via delle feide" - Rif. Roda di Vael hut - Passo di Costalunga - return with the bus 
Start: 09.30 am, Bus-stop Despar | Return: 04.00 pm | Duration: 7 h | Hiking Time: ca. 3 ½ h | Length: 8,7 km |
Difference in altitude: ascent: 460 m, descent: 700 m | Difficulty: medium |
cable car Ciampedie: 10,50€/adult, 7,00 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

Mountain-top trekt to the "Vajolonköpfl" 

Ascent with the chairlift - Masarè path - Passo Vajolon - Rif. Roda di Vael hut - Rif. Paolina hut - Christomannos monument - Valley station chairlift Paolina 
Start: 09.00 am, panoramic map parching cable car Nova Levante | Return: 03.30 pm | Duration: 5 h | Hiking Time: 4 h |
Length: 7 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 860 m, descent: 1000 m (to the top-station Paolina) |
Difficulty: medium - difficult | cable car from Nova Levante to Rif. Coronelle: 18,00€/adult, 11,00 €/child | 
Participants: max. 10 person

Forcella dei camosci and Torri di Pista (Latemar) 

Ascent with the chairlift Oberholz - Forcella dei camosci - Latemar hut - return with the chairlift 
Start: 08.30 am, panoramic map parking cable car Nova Levante | Return: 04.00 pm |
Duration: 6–7 h | Hiking Time: 4 h | Length: 7,3 km | Difference in altitude: ascent: 700m, descent: 700 m |
Difficulty: difficult | chairlift Oberholz: 17,00€/adult, 13,50 €/child | Participants: max. 10 person

Mountain hike to the Pulpito in the Latemar-mountain

With the public bus from Nova Levante to Passo Costalunga. From there we hike moderately steep on trail nr. 17 to the Latemar meadows and to the Eggental mountain cinema. We continue steeply on path no. 17 to the Pulpito (2,481 m). Descent through the Karer Forest to the Lake Carezza and return by bus.
Start: 09.00 am, Bus-stop Despar | Return: 02.30 pm | Duration: 4 ½ h | Hiking Time: 3 ½ h | Length: 7 km |
Difference in altitude: ascent: 660 m, descent: 660 m | Difficulty: difficult | Participants: max. 10 person

Guided hike on the instructional adventure bee-trail & guided tour through the instructional apiary - Collepietra

A total of five hives are maintained at the Karneid instructional apiary. In the summer, guided tours are conducted every Tuesday in German and Italian, led by the forest expert Georg Kirchmaier.
Time: 10.15 am - 01.00 pm
Duration: approx. 2 ½ - 3 h
Meeting point: Eggermoos parking lot - Collepietra
Price: €7.00/adult - €4.00/child
Registration until the day before within 12.00 noon at the tourist offices.
You can also request to have individual tours at different times by special arrangement.

Over Hill and Dale: New Trails to Enjoy Nature - Nova Ponente

Sometimes, the most-interesting things are right in front of our noses – and yet we don't recognize them!
In our new hiking program entitled "Over Hill and Dale: New Trails to Enjoy Nature," experienced guides who know this country like the back of their hand take guests along on a special tour. Away from regular hiking trails, you will be guided through forests and across meadows. You can experience Mother Nature up close, enjoy the peace and quiet of the Great Outdoors, and soak up the mystical beauty of the woods. The starting-point of this hike can be easily reached with public transportation, and the starting-times adjusted to the bus schedule.
Start: 10.00 am, Maria Weissenstein bus stop | Return: 02.50 pm | Hiking Time: 3 h | Length: 7-8 km | 
Difference in altitude: ascent: 310 m, descent: 307 m | Highest point: 1670 m | Lunch break: Malga Petersberger Leger

Historical hike: on the tracks of King Laurin and Empress Sissi - Nova Levante

with hiking guide Helga Tschager
From the top station of the cable car Nova Levante, the great tracing starts with our hiking guide Helga. The easy hike leads in 1h20 to a very special panoramic point under King Laurin's kingdom at the foot of the Roda di Vaèl: the Kaiserstein - a large boulder named after its aristocratic visitor, Emperor Franz Joseph, who looked out for game here. 
On trail [9] and continuing on trail [6], we walk through meadows and woods to the Grand Hotel Carezza, where we will hear historical tales about Empress Sissi and Emperor Franz Joseph, the European high nobility, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill and Karl May, who enjoyed a rest in the climatic health resort of Carezza/Nova Levante. Return by bus.
Start: 09.00 am, panorama panel at parking cable car Nova Levante, ascent to the Frommer Alm hut | Cost: cable car Nova Levante: 12,50€/adults, 7,50€/Junior, Children up to 8 years free | Duration: approx. 6-7 h | Walking time: approx. 4.30-5 h | Difference in altitude: ascent: 250 m, descent: 500 m | Length: approx. 10-11 km | Difficulty: moderately difficult | Equipment: bring provisions and drinks, trekking shoes, warm clothing, headgear, rain protection | Participants: max. 10 person

Guided hike with hiking bus - Collepietra

For all guests who enjoy hiking, we offer a weekly day hike of 4 to 5 hours. Leave your car at rest and use the free hiking bus with the friendly hiking guide who will take you to the most beautiful hiking destinations. In summer, higher altitudes and peaks in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site are hiked, whereas in spring and autumn the sunny plateau of Ritten/Renon and the inviting "countryside" in the Überetsch/Oltradige and Unterland/Bassa Atesina are the destinations. This way you can easily master different starting and ending points without any worries. Enjoy all the beauty that surrounds you in the intact nature. If you go on a hike, you are doing something good for yourself and your body. | Number of participants: max. 50 people

Mountain-top trek to the Rif. Torre di Pisa - Obereggen

Moderate to difficult, demanding mountain hike in high alpine terrain in the southern Latemar massif. Impressive panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. 
Route: Ascent wiht the chairlift Oberholz (1550–2100 m) – path n. 18 – Latemar 360° – Forcella dei Camosci – path 516 – Rif. Torre di Pisa (2671 m) - descent path n.516 and path n.22 – descent with chairlift 
Start: 10.00 am, tourist office Obereggen | Return: 05.00 pm | Duration: 7 h | Hiking time: 6 h |
Difference in altitude:  750 m | Difficulty: medium-for experts | Requirement: walkers must be well-equipped and have e head for heights | with lunche break | Chairlift Oberholz: 17,00€/adult – 13,50€/children 

Torchlight hike to the mystical little church of St. Agata - Nova Ponente

A romantic torchlight hike awaits all hikers who enjoy walking. Meeting point with Alexander is at Oberkofl Hof. The hike leads through a forest path to the mystical church of St. Agata, which lies in the middle of the forest in a clearing. The path is manageable without much difference in altitude and Alexander introduces participants to the legendary history of the church and the mystical place. Torches are provided by the tourist office.
Start: 8.30 pm, Farm Oberkofl Hof | Return: approx. 10.00 pm | Duration: 1 ½ h | Hiking time: 0.45 h | Difference in altitude: 50 m | Length: 2-3 km | Difficulty: easy

Geological hike - Nova Ponente

The hiking aims change weekly.

Geological hike from the Geoparc Bletterbach - Maria Weissenstein

Travel by bus from Nova Ponente to the GEOPARC Bletterbach Visitor Centre - guided tour of the museum - descent into the gorge - Taubenleck - Butterloch - European long-distance hiking trail E5 in the direction of Weissenstein - Kösertal (1696 m) - Maria Weissenstein.
Return to Nova Ponente either on your own on foot (approx. 1 ½ h walking time) or by bus.
Arrival in Nova Ponente at 3.15 pm.
Start: 08.50 am, tourist office Nova Ponente | Return: 03.15 pm | Duration: 6 ½ h | Hiking Time: 3 ½ h | 
Difference in altitude: ascent: 400 m, descent: 400 m | Length: 8 km | Guide Geoparc Bletterbach: 6,00€/Pers.

Geological hike from Passo Oclini to Maria Weissenstein

Meeting point is the tourist office Nova Ponente. We will take the bus from Nova Ponente (Gibitzplatz) to the Passo Oclini. This yoke is picturesquely situated between the Corno Bianco and the Corno Nero. From there our panoramic hike begins and leads us via the Gampelsteig to the Grossner Wiesen to Maria Weissenstein. From there we take the bus back to Nova Ponente.  
Start: 10.10 am, tourist office Nova Ponente | Return: 04.15 pm | Duration: 6 ½ h | Hiking time: 3 ½ h | Difference in altitude: ascent: 220 m, descent: 800 m | Length: 10 km | with refreshment 

Herbal hike and forest bathing - Nova Levante

with hiking guide, nature coach & forest bathing guide Helga Tschager
28.05.-09.07.2021, 17.09.2021, 08.10.-29.10.2021
"There is a power from eternity, and it is green"
Hildegard von Bingen 1098 - 1197 
Forest is good for us - being in the forest gives us the opportunity to see, feel, smell and hear, to rediscover the "fascination" in nature to recharge our "batteries"! 
We hike, look at trees, bushes and plants, find places of power and experience the traditional healing uses. 
We learn how to collect, dry and store herbs, make herbal salt and tinctures, learn about their effects and uses. We enjoy the different scents, relax in the forest and fill the day with joy of life.
Start: 09.00 am, bus stop supermarket Despar, by bus to the bus stop Hotel Adler | Duration: approx. 6.30 h | Walking time: approx. 4.30 h | Difference in altitude: ascent: 100 m, descent: 400 m | Length: approx. 7-10 km | Difficulty: easy | Equipment: provisions or refreshment (information at registration Tourist office), drinks, trekking shoes, warm clothing, headgear, rain protection | Participants: max. 10 person

Legend hike for families to the rock labyrinth under the Latemar mountain - Nova Levante

with hiking guide Helga Tschager 
Have you ever seen the Latemar dolls? Or have you ever fought your way through a rock labyrinth? No? Then this family-friendly hike is perfect for hikers of all ages.
The day hike starts at the Passo Costalunga and leads into the rock labyrinth beneath the Latemar mountain. The mystical labyrinth invites you to discover special stone formations, leads you up stone steps through rock gates and forces you to climb through this wonderful rocky landscape. During the well-deserved lunch break in the meadows of the Radura di Mezzo, Helga tells the children the legend of the Latemar dolls. Return to Nova Levante by public bus.
Start: 09.00 am, bus stop supermarket Despar, by bus to the Passo Costalunga | Duration: approx. 6-7 hrs | Walking time: approx. 4.30 hrs | Difference in altitude: ascent: 330 m, descent: 550 m | Length: approx. 9-10 km | Difficulty: medium |  | Equipment: bring provisions & drinks (no refreshment stop!), drinks, trekking shoes, warm clothing, headgear, rain protection | Participants: max. 10 person

Full moon evenings not only for STAR gazers - Full moon run/walk - Obereggen

25.06., 23.07., 20.08. & 17.09.2021
You don't always have to look at the stars on full moon evenings - full moon runnig is the order of the day! Running or walking through the meadows and forests of Obereggen with headlamps, good shoes, appropriate clothing and your motivation? Let our guides "enlighten" / accompany you and share your experience at the subsequent "STAR stop" at the ALPIN Hotel Bewaller with a drink and a small snack. There will certainly also be time to chat about the stars.
Meeting point: 08.00 pm, Tourist Office Obereggen - Platzl | Return: 10.00 pm |
Registration: within Friday, 12 pm in the tourist offices, Tel. 0471 619 500 | Cost: 10,00 € |
Number of participants: max. 10 people

For more details about all the hiking programme check out on the web page Events.
Information and booking: always until the day before 17.00 clock at the tourist offices or on tel. + 39 0471 619 500.

Subject to change.

Well guided and well explained!

The herbs and flowers twinkling along the footpath, the forest of Carezza clad all in dense green, the delicate pink of the evening glow on the Corno Bianco, the shimmering starry sky over the hamlet of San Valentino in Campo – everything has a voice and a story to tell. Our hiking guides will share them with you!