Fun for kids and families in the Carezza family ski area

Sarah Meraner
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Fun for kids and families in the Carezza family ski area

Carezza - big fun for the little ones!

Bright sunshine, crisp white snow, beaming children warmly wrapped in boots, gloves and winter jackets, almost hidden behind scarves and hats - the little ones too can benefit from healthy outdoor exercise in winter! The opportunities at this time of year are almost unlimited, and most children are in any case happy to see it snowing ;).

Early practice makes perfect

The motto here, just as with most other learning processes, is - the sooner the better! To prepare boys and girls for the more demanding slopes they will at some point face, it makes sense to get them started on skis as soon as possible – provided they are interested and enthusiastic, of course.

The Carezza ski area is South Tyrol’s most family-friendly ski resort and invites junior skiers from the age of three years up to try out its gleaming white pistes. There are three areas specially for children designed to kindle their excitement and enjoyment of winter sports:

  1. “King Laurin's Kinderland” at Carezza Ski School: this offers the very smallest of children tobogganing fun, a bouncy castle, a carousel, snow hills and of course instructors who can help them with their first attempts on the slopes.
  2. For somewhat older kids, child-friendly ski tuition is available at “Naniland” at the Carezza ski school, with South Tyrol’s very first “mini-skilift”. There is also a supervised ski kindergarten for children from two years of age, as well as an indoor games room!
  3. The children’s area at the “Vigo di Fassa” ski school. 

Professional instruction and practice in a group with children of the same age is an excellent, highly motivating way to learn. No matter which area for kids you decide for at Carezza, the priority is enjoyment, fun and games!

Kinderland Carezza  entrance
Kid with snowbike and dad in the Kinderland Carezza
entrance to the Naniland

On your sledges, ready, go!

Our earliest childhood memories are of the adventures we have with the family! And most childhood memories of winter are likely to involve snowball fights, snowmen and... toboggans! Carezza can offer no fewer than three toboggan runs - with a fourth due in December 2019! Haul your sledge uphill (or take the lift up), then zoom down the slope! The whole family can enjoy pure winter fun together, up in the mountains amidst the snow.

kids toboggan panorama Catinaccio
Snowball fight on the slope
tobogganist downhill Hubertus slope finish valley station cable car

Family-sized fun

Sometimes all you need is the feeling of being in the great outdoors. Yet there too you have to adapt your wishes and expectations to those of your children. So the family ski area no.1 can of course offer plenty by way of deals and activities!

As an example, from January 2019 the Carezza All Family Offer will be available at all participating establishments. And, from 10 to 16 March, Carezza is hosting the Week 4 Kids, with skiing and snowboard courses in the morning and games and entertainment in the afternoon – a snow week tailor-made for children!

Family start Funline Catinaccio King Laurin
Kid jump on the Le Pope slope
parents three kids panorama Catinaccio

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