Winter Wonderworld

Sarah Meraner

Winter Wonderworld

Five women from the Val d’Ega reveal their five very personal winter tips – away from the ski slopes!

On romantic paths – a winter walk to the Steinegg earth pyramids

(Petra Mahlknecht, Hotel Ritterhof)

“Not far from the little mountain village of Steinegg is a fascinating natural phenomenon waiting to be discovered on this circular hike: the Steinegg earth pyramids! Starting from Steinegg, I take a lovely, family-friendly path eastwards along streams, through forests and across meadows. There are magnificent views of the Rosengarten-Schlern massif to be enjoyed before the path becomes steeper, leading up to the Dosser Cross above a natural monument formed of impressively beautiful clay columns, all capped in white in the cold months of the year! A steep and narrow path down leads close by them, then it is back to Steinegg on the Katzenbachweg through the magical winter woods and over sparkling meadows.”

Collepietra/Steinegg in winter with view on the Scilar/Schlern | © TV Steinegg

Swishing through the snow – cross-country skiing in Deutschnofen

(Helene Thaler, Deutschnofen Tourist Board and PR Manager, Val d’Ega Tourism)

“As a nature lover and enthusiastic cross-country skier, I am out very early cross-country skiing. I love the perfectly prepared trails and the sleepiness of the landscape! During morning training I meet very few others on the trail, but sometimes wild hares and deer will cross my path. And, even if it can get really cold, after the first strides I have the wonderful feeling of gliding along, my circulation gets going and my spirits rise! My favourites are the trails on the Deutschnofner high plateau, between the Wölflhof and the Unterkaplunhof, with a flat 15-km trail that has some ascents as a variant. And, once winter is drawing to a close, a cross-country tour as the sun sets is a wonderful way to relax.”

Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen in the winter months

Laurin’s lights – a winter walk to the Frin meadows

(Alexandra Näckler, Online and Social Media Manager, Val d’Ega Tourism)

“My favourite walk, on which I always take my faithful dog Filou, starts right on my doorstep in Carezza and takes us to one of the loveliest spots in the region! From the Grand Hotel the trail leads along path no. 6, then onto path no. 16 in the direction of the Moser Alm. From there we climb slightly to the Frin meadows via path no. 16, which opens up breathtaking views of the Dolomites. Winter turns the sun-drenched meadows into a wonderland of white, an ideal place to linger. Even though I have photographed the Rosengarten, Latemar and surrounding mountains a hundred times, I never forget my SLR camera.
We can either go back the same way or take path no. 1A and no. 6 back to the starting point. Sometimes we also wait for the sunset: you can especially admire the impressive glow of the Enrosadira on the Rosengarten, with the rocky spires glowing red and the light and shadow playing on the cliffs!”

A breath of winter – snowshoeing from Jochgrimm to Deutschnofen

(Brigitte Zelger, Hotel Pfösl, trained herbal expert and hiking guide)

“It is especially now when the slopes are so busy that I like to seek out paths and places away from the crowds. That’s why I love this excursion so much: I take a shuttle or taxi to Jochgrimm, from where path no. 1 leads to Neuhütt. From there we continue towards the Laab Alm – a very nice hut to make a stop. I keep on path no. 1 to Deutschnofen and enjoy the unique views of the surrounding mountains in winter: the peaks of the Latemar, Zanggen, Weisshorn and Schwarzhorn! This varied hike through the unspoilt natural world takes around four hours and offers no end of delightful viewpoints where I like to practise short breathing exercises. Where can you concentrate more on yourself, where can you breathe cleaner air than when surrounded by white-clad Mother Nature? All while savouring the unique views and the silence – relaxation in its purest form!”

Silence all around – snowshoeing from Lake Karer to the Mitterleger

(Carmen Kohler, Engel Gourmet & Spa)

“For me, the Karer Forest is a place of peace and relaxation – and, especially in the cold months, you can find places there from which you can draw strength. This truly magical forest is therefore my winter tip for all those who want to enjoy the silence of nature and the beauty of the landscape. I often enjoy a snowshoe excursion along forest trail no. 11 from Lake Karer to the Mitterleger hut. The path leads ever further upwards through the pristine snow and the silence, then finally out of the forest and past icy springs. The little forest hut there is the ideal place to stop awhile: I simply fall under the spell of the steep and snowy rock walls, stand there in awe and feel the power of the Latemar massif. And I am incredibly grateful, because it is such a blessing that it is possible to reach such fairytale places on foot without any great effort.”

Sarah Meraner

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