Mountain biker view of the village of Nova Ponente and Latemar | © Jens Staudt
Mountain biker view of the village of Nova Ponente and Latemar | © Jens Staudt
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Bike Park - Deutschnofen

The Bike Park Deutschnofen

This is where you can really get rolling

At the valley station of the lift in Deutschnofen/Nova Ponente you can really get rolling on your mountain bike! This is the location of the Deutschnofen Bike Park – a training park for beginners and experienced bikers alike. The alpine terrain of the Eggental valley makes it a biking region where you can roam far and wide, so make sure your riding technique and balance are both up to it! Fast trails, challenging sections, jumps, obstacles, courses to test your concentration and skill – and much more besides – mean that you will be well prepared for your next biking adventure. The mountain bike park is ideal for both children and adults to really get going and improve their skills. Helmet on, saddle up – and go!!

The Bike Park: details

The Bike Park Deutschnofen covers an area of 3,500 m², with seven different jumps and steep walled curves, stairs and rock gardens, drops and seesaws, hairpin bends and training in curve technique, skills, jump and pump technique, balance and bunny hops... every mountain biker’s heart will be rocking and rolling! Helmets are of course compulsory to ensure that all can have fun in safety.

Important: the Bike Park Deutschnofen is unsupervised – you may enjoy it at your own risk.

Deutschnofen-Nova Ponente
Bikeparc a Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen
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