Val d'EGa

Sustainable  Holiday in Val d'Ega

In harmony with nature

A green valley. In fact, very green!

Val d'Ega: Emerald forests and lush green meadows, embraced by ancient rock giants - and although it is only a small valley, the effort to operate in an ecologically sustainable manner and to constantly break new ground in the direction of sustainability is all the greater. So "green" here is not just nature.

Carezza Dolomites partner oft the climate alliance 2025
Snow cannon Technoalpin in action

Did you know that in Val d'Ega...

  • ... five hydropower plants supply over 5,000 households and businesses with CO₂-free green electricity?
  • ... in addition, two district heating plants fed with biomass from the forests of Val d'Ega supply more than 500 households and businesses, thus saving around 1.2 million liters of heating oil per year?
  • ... the Carezza ski resort and four hotels have joined the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025? They measure their CO₂ footprint annually and try to reduce or offset it as far as possible. 
  • ... the Obereggen ski area has been operating a certified environmental management system for 16 years and, for example, sows its own seed mix when working on the slopes in order to maintain the biodiversity of the meadows?
  • ... 36 accommodations heat water and rooms with in-house wood chip or pellet systems?
Oberholz | © Obereggen AG/SpA

Did you know that in Val d'Ega...

  • ... 27 accommodations heat water and rooms and autonomously generate electricity with in-house solar systems.
  • ... the Oberholz mountain hut at 2,096 m is heated exclusively with geothermal energy?
  • ... the climate community Deutschnofen was awarded silver by the climate house agency and the community Welschnofen is currently getting certified? 
  • ... 38 red rooster farms stand for real farm vacations?
  • ...6 farms in Val d'Ega are certified "Bioland Südtirol"?
  • ...18 other farms produce organic products according to the EU VO 834/2007 standard? 
  • ... three of the most important events are certified as "Green Events", i.e. they are organized in an ecologically sustainable way?
  • ... nine e-charging stations provide free charging of e-bikes?