Val D'Ega

Must-Do#6 Top cultural experiences

Top cultural experiences in Val d’Ega

How it was, could be and sometimes is

The Pope has visited, but this is not the only reason why our top list wouldn’t be complete without a visit to what is perhaps the most important place of pilgrimage in South Tyrol, Pietralba/Maria Weissenstein Pilgrimage Church. The Gothic fresco treasures of the little Church of St. Helena are well worth discovering at any time of year in combination with a short hike. And the observatory and planetarium have curated an exciting programme for stargazers both young and old. Meanwhile, the Collepietra Museum presents a trip through time to discover the lives of mountain farmers in days gone by. And if there's still enough time for a quick walk, then you shouldn’t forgo the chance to take a snapshot at the Christomannos Monument!