Bikeparc a Nova Ponente/Deutschnofen

The new Bikeparc has opened its doors. Thanks to various obstacles, pump hills, drops, various

difficult jumps, tight bends and much more, mountain bike beginners and also experienced

bikers can improve their skills. A highlight is the embedding of the park in the fantastic nature of

the Eggental.


The Bikeparc use is at one's own risk and the helmet is mandatory.

By public bus line:
- 181 from Bozen | Bolzano
- 184 or 180 and change 181 from Karerpass | Passo Costalunga, Karersee | Lago di Carezza, Welschnofen | Nova Levante
- 181 or 184 from Birchabruck | Ponte Nova, Stenk
- 184 from Eggen | Ega, Obereggen
- 184 or 181 from Weissenstein | Pietralba, Petersberg | Monte San Pietro, Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente - 182 from Gummer | San Valentino, Steinegg | Collepietra
- 180 and change 181 from Val di Fassa

Bus stop: Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente, Bar Luise; online timetable search at Südtirol Mobil:

By car:
Destination: Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente
Parking: on site


Bikepark Deutschnofen
Laab 1
39050 Deutschnofen