Val d'EGa

RESPECT the mountains

RESPECT the mountains

MINDFUL hiking in the Dolomites

Sustainability and a mindful approach to our nature and landscape are very important to us.
As part of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage we feel obliged to make our contribution. You too can make your contribution! 

The "Respect the Mountain" project aims to sensitise guests, locals and tourism professionals in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage area to environmentally friendly behaviour and to create an awareness of respectful and responsible behaviour both on the mountain and in everyday life. 

The tap water in South Tyrol is drinking water of high quality. Some guests, but also some locals, are not aware of this and therefore resort to bottled water for safety. "Mindful on the Mountain" raises awareness of the use of tap water as drinking water and how to handle it carefully and respectfully - here you find all free drinking water places in South Tyrol!

"What I take with me to the mountain, I also bring back home and dispose of properly there". Guests, locals and tourism professionals are encouraged to avoid waste by planning ahead, for example by avoiding disposable packaging and handling food carefully.

Walking in the Catinaccio area

BE KIND to the things & the creatures you value...

  • Please remain at all times on the posted paths and trails! After the storm Vaia in 2018, our flora and fauna need especially much protection.
  • Please read and follow all signs. This is for your own protection!
  • You can leave your car at home! Use public transportation, walk or take a bicycle.
  • Please don't litter, and don't leave behind any signs of your presence! Take your waste back to the valley with you and put it into the proper receptacles!
  • We appreciate your considerate behavior towards other visitors to the mountain. Bikers, hikers or climbers… everyone is welcome to visit Val d'Ega! intact natural environment, the flora & fauna

  • Don't forget that you are a guest in the forest, so please don't make unnecessary noise! Enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe you can then discover some of the wildlife.
  • All dogs must be kept on a leash – on the mountain too! Dogs must wear muzzles in all lifts and buses. Please ensure that your pets use the dog toilets. Collect and properly dispose of your dog's waste – especially on the meadows. It can otherwise cause cattle to miscarry!
  • It is important that you close all gates and doors after yourself! Take care not to disturb anything and respect private property! 
  • It is prohibited to visit the forest or mountain during bad weather. Please note the local weather reports 
  • Be reasonable when collecting souvenirs… and take your waste with you (and any other waste you may encounter).