Val d'Ega

Out and about  on South Tyrol's alpine pastures

Out and about on South Tyrol's alpine pastures

Our mountain pastures are both well-loved recreational areas and economic zones in one. Farmers cultivate our unique cultural landscape and preserve an ancient tradition that benefits the animals and the environment alike. When walking on these pastures, it is important to treat grazing animals with respect. 

Rosengarten cows

Out and about on South Tyrol's alpine pastures

Grazing livestock are in principle very gentle. To avoid conflict with these animals: 

  1. Stay out of their way: keep to walking paths. If an animal is blocking the path, go around it leaving lots of space. 
  2. Keep your distance: give the animals space, avoid contact and do not stroke or feed them. 
  3. Keep calm: cows have a restricted field of vision and are very easily scared. Make sure they notice you in good time and act in a calm manner. 
  4. Sensitive dams: a mother will protect her child -avoid approaching young animals or putting yourself between an animal and its mother. 
  5. Keep dogs on leads: grazing animals often feel threatened by dogs, so put your four-legged friend on a lead. 
cow Carezza

How do i know if I've got too close?

  • Signal 1: The animals fixes its gaze on you. It perceives you as a potential threat and wants to keep you in view. 
  • Signal 2: The animal lowers its head and faces you, forehead first. It is thinking to attack. 
  • Signal 3: The animal runs towards you. If you haven't already done so, gain some distance from the animal now. 

What should I do if I am attacked? 

  1. Distance yourself slowly and as calmly as possible. Do not turn your back on the animal. 
  2. Let your dog off the lead, it will easily outrun the animal. 
  3. If all else fails, intimidate the animal: loud, self-confident shouting or waving a stick will chase it away. 

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