Mushroom picking in Eggental

Mushroom picking in the woods of Eggental

Guidelines and regulations

Summertime is mushroom season. 
As late summer approaches in the Dolomites, a very special season begins: the mushroom season. Through the forest on the trail of the diverse mushroom world. A fragrant reward awaits gourmets in the form of porcini, chanterelles, umbrella mushrooms & Co. 

In return for the precious treasures of our nature, a careful and mindful approach to mushroom picking is a basic requirement for every passionate mushroom picker. 

In the villages of Welschnofen, Karersee, Eggen, Petersberg, Maria Weißenstein, Obereggen, Steinegg & the municipality of Karneid mushroom picking is absolutely forbidden! 

In the village of Deutschnofen mushroom picking is regulated: 

  • When can mushrooms be collected? 
    Only on even days of the month (e.g. on the 4th, 6th etc.) between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm.
  • What are the requirements for mushroom picking?
    Outside the municipality of residence: payment of the collection fee of € 8.00 per day in favour of the municipality in which you wish to collect (one-off payment also possible for several even days - available at the post office and the tourist office) and presentation of a valid identity card.
    Within the municipality of residence: only a valid identity card is required.
  • How many mushrooms may be collected?
    1 kg per day and person (over 14 years) on even days outside the municipality of residence.
    2 kg per day and person on even days within the municipality of residence. 
  • How must the mushrooms be treated?
    The mushrooms must not be damaged at their place of growth and must be transported in stiff, open and well-ventilated containers.

Failure to comply with the above rules will result in administrative sanctions and confiscation of the collected mushrooms. 
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