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Castle (hi)stories

Cornedo Castle, Thurn Castle Museum of Nova Ponente, the Castles of Collepietra and the Collepietra Museum all bear witness to the times of yore, recounting stories of the Val d'Ega of the 12th century and of the Tyrolean rural culture, religion and religious art of those eras.

Castel Cornedo

Cornedo Castle

Stairways ascend the castle façade while Romanesque frescoes adorn the chapel. The castle, majestic and exalted with its gate towers, watches over the gorge of the Val d'Ega. This, the emblem of the municipality was built by the Lords of Greifenstein around the year 1200 and today represents one of South Tyrol’s finest castles.

Guided tours through Cornedo Castle

Guided tours of the castle are offered in April, May, June, September and October. 
Bookings in the secretariat of the municipality of Cornedo:
Tel. +39 0471 361 300 -

Museum of Deutschnofen

Thurn Castle local museum

Sacred art is here surrounded by old stone walls: ancient altarpieces and consecrated panels from the 16th century, early Baroque statues of saints and religious paintings delve deep into the history of the Val d'Ega. The local museum in Castle Thurn is attached to the present-day town hall in a Romanesque tower dating from the 13th century, which was once used as a residence and, around 1341, for court sittings. In 1911 the residence of Thurn Castle was transferred to the municipality of Nova Ponente, which meticulously renovated the building and opened it to the historically minded.
Nova Ponente Town Hall
Via Castello Thurn 1
I-39050 Nova Ponente
Tel. 0471 617 500

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 8am-12.30pm, Monday 2-5.45 pm.

Admission free!

Collepietra Museum

The hard life spent working on the farm, almost forgotten crafts, murmured prayers in church: history lovers can discover the fascinating natural surroundings of the mountain dwellers.

The Collepietra Museum goes to the very roots of the history of Tyrol. Visitors can wander among lovingly installed exhibits in old wood-panelled rooms, chambers and working areas, while the valuable statues and sacred treasures contained in the Chapel of the Resurrection also shed a contemporary light on an aspect of faith history.

Guided tours from Palm Sunday to the End of October:
Tuesday-Friday 10.10 & 11.10 am without advance registration, Saturday, Sunday& public holidays 5 pm with advance registration within Saturday 12 noon;  Closed Mondays!
Special tours for groups from 10 persons possible at any time with advance registration.

Admission prices:

  • €7.00 adults - €4.00 children, teenagers (up to 14 years)
  • €4.00 guests, seniors (65+), groups (min. 15 persons)
  • €14.00 families

Contact & booking:
Piazza della Chiesa 2, Collepietra - Tel.: +39 0471 619560 -

The Castles of Collepietra

The castle in Steinegg is first mentioned in 1231 and is one of the most interesting in our country. It is a double castle (residential fortress and fortified castle). From the ruins of the castle gate and a large part of the walls are still well preserved.