Cableway Tiers

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Cableway Tiers

Tiers / Tires aerial cableway now approved

"The project for the construction of the Tiers aerial cableway to connect the villages of Tiers /Tires - St. Zyprian / San Cipriano with the Fromm Alm was approved by the Service Conference of the environmental agencies in early September. The bidding process for the construction contract can thus now be considered concluded, and the awarding of the construction contract is expected shortly," reports Martin Damian, president of the Seilbahn Tiers AG stock company. "The Tiers cableway is a 3.8-km-long reversible aerial tram with a capacity of 60 passengers. It traverses 644 meters in altitude in just 7 minutes," explains Damian.

The decision in favor of a reversible aerial tram for 60 passengers was influenced by several different factors: Longer spans mean that fewer support towers – in fact, only 5 – are needed, and they can be taller. Because the tension cables can be strung higher, fewer trees need to be felled. The higher capital investments are compensated for in the mid or long term by significantly lower operating costs. During periods of low demand, the tram runs only when needed and can also be operated without a cabin crew. The main selling point of a trip in an aerial tram – the spectacular scenic beauty – is further enhanced by the higher ride. Currently, the use of a "convertible tram" is under investigation, which would provide an even more fantastic experience.

Architect Werner Tscholl presents the project for the valley station and mountain station as in keeping with the motto "less is more – nothing is better." His approach strives to harmoniously integrate the various structures into the fascinating landscape under the "Rose Garden." The stations disappear underground in the meadows. Only the entrances and exits remain visible.

"The final financing concept is currently being worked out," explains Martin Damian, president of the Seilbahn Tiers AG,. "Total capital costs run to about 15 million euros."

Sustainable connection with added value for locals and guests

The aerial tram with a valley station in St. Zyprian / San Cipriano and a mountain station near the Fromm Alm in the Carezza Dolomites is part of an overarching concept with environmentally friendly mobility under the Rose Garden as the highest goal. "The Tiers aerial tram allows visitors to enter the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site of the Rose Garden, and connects with the König Laurin aerial tram (currently under construction) as well as with the Welschnofen cableway. Beside the establishment of a direct connection to the ski area, you have the cableway to Welschnofen in the summer months and especially the connection to the Moser Alm via the Tschein chair lift – and from there, one can take a short footpath to Lake Carezza," says Florian Eisath, Executive Manager of Carezza Dolomites.

The connection to the hiking trails leading to Tiers and especially to the Haniger Schwaige via the König Laurin cableway's new mid-station are greatly enhanced in value.

"Our vision is to make it possible to experience the high-altitude plateau under the Rose Garden without relying on the automobile. Thus, in the future, it will be possible to go by foot, by bicycle, or with the lifts all the way to Lake Carezza and back in an environmentally friendly way," explains Florian Eisath.

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