Culinary highs in the Val d’Ega

Sarah Meraner

Culinary highs in the Val d’Ega

Culinary highs in the Val d’EgaWhat is essential for a decent day’s skiing in the Val d’Ega? Snow, sun, panoramic views – that much is clear. But don’t forget the ski huts! Because there await large and small, delicious and hearty South Tyrolean specialities for hungry winter sports fans to savour! Here we present five huts and their culinary highlights.

Ski cuisine at the highest level

With its slogan, “The new way to live the mountains”, the Baita Gardonè at Obereggen lives up to its promise: a very special ski lodge featuring palms, sun loungers and a renowned restaurant on the top floor. Because here you can find everything, from filled rolls to shrimp and Fiorentina steak – all according to your gourmet’s and skier’s tastes. ;) Ski cuisine at (what else?) the highest level is also to be found at the Oberholz hut, where regional and sophisticated dishes characterise the cooking; subverting the cliché of the ski lodge, the overall package is thus even more a source of wonder. The 360-degree panorama and large windows give diners the feeling of being “at one with the mountains” as they enjoy their meals.

High up yet down to earth

If, on the other hand, you are of the view that a proper day’s skiing also demands true, down-to-earth Tyrolean cooking, then we also have a couple of tips for you :). Try for example the Masarè hut, famed for its “lumberjack pasta” and traditional starters such as barley soup, or the homemade cakes and strudels! It sounds good, but we can understand if you can’t wait until afternoon before indulging your palate: for those who have made an early start on the pistes, the Laab Alm in Nova Ponente – close to the Pietralba pilgrimage site – is just the right place! Here, a more-than-ample brunch is ready to round off a wonderful winter walk or a morning’s tobogganing! Magnificent too are the views to be had from the sun terrace located at the foot of the Latemar massif: while, despite lying at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres, the hut known as the Messnerjoch is also entirely down-to-earth, a place where families, seniors or hikers can sample that most typical of all South Tyrolean dishes: dumplings! These are the speciality of the Damian family, who source the produce for the items on the menu from their very own farm. You can’t get more authentic than that!

Enjoying "Strudel" on the ski huts at Carezza
"Kaiserschmarrn" with cranberry jam
Bacon-dumplings with Kraut

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