"Per pedales" through the Dolomites

Lara Sinner
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"Per pedales" through the Dolomites

Bike, bike, baby! Pedalling through the Dolomites

Dear uphill and downhill cyclists, dear pedallers through woodland and meadows, if you have any days of holiday in June, we've got just the thing for you!

Mountains of mountain backdrop

When planning this mountain bike event we wanted to include all of you, as the good vibes of a festival may only really be felt when the whole gamut of the mountain biking world is represented. We've set the Rosadira Bike Festival in the midst of the best of all mountain bike backdrops, as well! The finest mountains of the world – the Dolomites of South Tyrol around the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs.

Rosadira Bike Festival mountainbiker downhill
Rosadira Bike Festival flags with panorama Catinaccio
Rosadira Bike Festival

From trail highlight to workshops on cycling technique

What an amazing landscape there is to discover on knobbly tyres in South Tyrol's Val d'Ega! From 7th to 10th June 2018, the natural landscape of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Dolomites provides the setting for THE mountain bike meeting in the Val d'Ega and all over South Tyrol! It is, of course, the ideal time to put your usual training routine aside and go on an excursion, discover new things and have an adventure on two wheels: soaking up the sun on the southern slopes of mountain pastures, gently cruising through woodland or trying out the highlight of the trail - the 'Masarè Vertical'! You can find out the latest news on what is set to make mountain biking better, safer and more stylish from the exhibitors on the festival grounds before, after or even instead of the tour.  

The workshops on technique and courses in the programme will make the business of exploring the Dolomites by bike a safer one, as well. From the basics to the specials, your pedalling skills will reach new heights! In both senses of the word.

Carezza Trail medium part of the downhill bridge
Carezza Trail two Mountainbiker valley station ropeway Nova Levante
two Mountainbiker panorama Catinaccio up

All-round mountain biking fun

Of course, you can try out some delicious South Tyrolean culinary fare along with the bike hardware that we serve up over the course of these few days. If you have some little whipper-snappers needing to let off steam in your luggage, even better! Kids and cycling are a great combination.

Here, you can read all about what we have in store for your little ones and you as a grown-up mountain biker at the Rosadira Bike Festival.

Carezza Trail two Mountainbiker eat & drink huts
Rosadira Bike Festival practice trail
greeting one Mountainbiker panorama Catinaccio blurred

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