S is for spring fever!

Sarah Meraner

S is for spring fever!

The top five springtime activities in the Val d’Ega

For anyone still in hibernation, we say: Quit yawning and wake up! For every other winter sports enthusiast, however, we have good news: Don’t despair, spring in the Val d’Ega offers just as many exciting possibilities for sport and entertainment!

S is for sunshine!

The urge to seek the first energy-giving sunbeams and get out into the open air is never so great as after the long, cold winter! And, while the mountain peaks surrounding the Val d’Ega are still topped in gleaming white, the reinvigorated grass is already peeping out from under their feet. So, vitality restored, we put on our boots and get out for the first hike of the new season: :-)
Spring suggestion: The Kirchsteig, a themed trail for all the family in Nova Ponente, is also brand new! With an island of sounds, a telescope, a wildlife memory game and a waterwheel, the various stations along this adventure trail let young and old alike learn all about local flora and fauna, as well as farming and forestry. Each of the senses is stimulated and, through a process of listening, understanding, feeling and smelling, the impressions of the stations – each one with games and knowledge specific to its location – will long remain in the memory! Taking around four hours, this undemanding circular hike starts at the village square in Nova Ponente, runs via the Höggerhof to the Wölflhof, then back to the village square.

Hiking in meadow of flowers
Adventure park Latemarium

S is for surprises!

There is so much more to the Val d’Ega than skiing, mountains and forests – its cultural and historical treasures are also fascinating and instructive. They are in addition ideal in combination with a short spring walk. Here are some of the best cultural destinations:

Madonna di Pietralba

It was in the year 1553 that the hermit Leonhard Weissensteiner fell into a deep gorge, whereupon the Holy Mother of God appeared to him. He built a chapel in her honour, which over the years has been expanded and is nowadays a popular and well-known place of pilgrimage. Madonna di Pietralba is a place that appears particularly majestic and spiritual surrounded by the natural world of the Val d’Ega, then as now regarded as a place from which to draw strength and one which also holds impressive art treasures in the church, the original chapel and a small chapel outside. Spring in particular has a strong symbolic power as the season of new beginnings and awakening, an impression that is particularly strong here. The church is open all year round.  

Cornedo Castle

Impressively watching over a seemingly impregnable soaring rock wall high above the Val d’Ega gorge, the 13th century Cornedo Castle is the emblem of the municipality of Cornedo and one of the most impressive and interesting castles in South Tyrol. Particularly noteworthy are the courtyard with its fountain, the open staircases and the two-storey loggia.
Spring suggestion: Guided tours are available in May and into June: booking required!

Collepietra Museum

Old wooden-panelled Stuben (living rooms), workshops, carefully installed exhibits, statues and sacred treasures: the Folklore Museum in Collepietra lets visitors encounter almost forgotten crafts and the old world of the (South) Tyrolean mountain folk. The doors to this old world reopen from Palm Sunday on. :-) Guided tours only!
Spring suggestion: As part of International Museum Day, the Museum has an open day in May! :-)

St. Helena

St. Helena is not only the oldest church in the municipality of Nova Ponente, it also contains a treasure that might hardly be suspected up here: the well-preserved frescoes that adorn the inside walls of the church are among the most finest testimonies of the High Gothic style of the early 15th century.
Spring suggestion: The church of St. Helena can be reached on foot from Nova Ponente in half an hour – which includes views of the impressive, still somewhat wintry Catinaccio massif, admittedly detracting somewhat from the magic of spring! :-)

Exterior view of the pilgrimage church Maria Weissenstein
Frescos St. Helena Chapel in Nova Ponente

S is for star quality!

The motto of the Full Moon Event to be held in Collepietra once again this year is “From gastronomy to astronomy”. Visitors to the various local restaurants can sample both culinary delights and live music throughout the evening – under the romantic and mystical light of the full moon, of course! :-) Inspired by the stars, award-winning chefs will be serving up heavenly treats, with a Full Moon Cocktail to round off this special experience! ;-)
N.B.: The first “foodie full moon” event will this year take place in February!

Full moon drink star village
Gourmet events at Collepietra
Full moon Event Collepietra

S for stimulating!

It’s time to swap your skis for... yes, your bike can finally be hauled out of the basement or the garage! :-) Whether in Nova Ponente, Monte San Pietro, Obereggen, Ega, Nova Levante, Carezza or Collepietra, there are plenty of stimulating trails in the lower reaches of the Val d’Ega that are also fine for riding in the springtime. On your own, if you wish to do so, but also together with an experienced bike guide. And if “stimulating” isn’t wild enough for you: the bike parks of the Val d’Ega and the Carezza Biketrail await you with plenty of adventure! :-)

Spring suggestion: From 9 to 12 June 2022 the Rosadira Bike Festival sees numerous mountain bike fans and freaks gather in the Val d’Ega, savouring the best time of the year for superb biking adventures together, undertaking tours and exploring new trails against the backdrop of some of South Tyrol’s most impressive mountain scenery: the splendour of the Val d’Ega Dolomites!

Rosadira Bike Tour direction Tiers
Rosadirabike 2018 - Mountainbiker with Latemar
Rosadirabike 2018 - Music at the Lago di Carezza

S is for superb!

The early bird... catches the lift in the Val d’Ega! :-) Because four of the Val d’Ega lift systems will be running in spring!
The Nova Levante-Laurin gondola starts running on 21 May and the Paolina-Lake Carezza chairlift and the King Laurin cabla car I+II run from 2 June! Further information on the opening hours of all lifts can be found here!

Spring suggestion: Fancy travelling greener in the spring green of the Val d’Ega? Now you can! Visitors can once again this year enjoy the benefits of the Guest Pass, allowing you to use public transport free of charge. In addition, with the Mountain Pass you can travel up to the Rosengarten, Latemar and Schlern mountains in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site on 3 days within 7 or on 5 days within 7 (from first rating) without restriction with 18 lifts! As your car does not have to be used once you have arrived, the Guest Passand the Mountain Pass are good not just for holidaymakers, but also for the environment! :-) Now that truly is superb!

“The flowers of spring are winter’s dreams.” (Khalil Gibran)

Gondolas of the cablecar Nova Levante under the Rosengarten
Chairlift Oberholz at Obereggen with view on the Conrno Bianco & Corno Nero
Chairlift Re Laurin under the Rosengarten

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