Sunset Skiing Aperitif in Carezza

Nils Reddig
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Sunset Skiing Aperitif in Carezza

Wishing King Laurin “goodnight”

The Sunset Skiing Aperitif directly beneath the Catinaccio massif

Do you know the story of why the Catinaccio massif glows red?

The Dwarf King Laurin was defeated by the warriors of Dietrich of Bern, who could see him - despite his gift of invisibility – from the roses in his rose garden that bent as he passed them: upon his capture, the king cursed the roses and ordered that no man should ever see them, by day or by night.

He forgot the dusk, however, and thus on fine days the roses still light up the Catinaccio with the famous red glow…

In the Carezza Ski Area you can experience this alpenglow close up.

A quiet place to stop and gaze

A day on the slopes can always be rounded off with a visit to an après-ski hut, where laughter and party music can be heard and the day’s skiing adventures can be celebrated.

However, those wishing to end the day in peace and quiet, experiencing the snowy landscape away from the crowds and seeking the quiet side of “their” ski area, can take the Carezza cable car once all the other skiers have long since traded in their ski poles for a glass of veneziano.

It is a long yet wonderful trip up to the ski area from the centre of Nova Levante, with empty cabins and no queues. Once at the top you can quickly do one or descents on the almost deserted slopes. Only the last few hardened skiers can still be found up there, scarcely visible on the broad white pistes.

Keep an eye on the time, though, because you have to catch the last lift up to the Kölner Hut, where Laurins Lounge is located on the top floor. Here, at the western end of the Catinaccio, where schnitzel, pasta dishes and Bombardino are normally served up, all is now quiet. Just a few ski tourers can be expected on Thursdays after work, doing a training round up to 2,337 metres above sea level at the edge of the massif.

Sunset Skiing Aperitif
Snowy Nova Levante/Welschnofen
Laurins Lounger Catinaccio sunset

Aperitivo with a view

Arriving on the rooftop terrace of the hut, your mind opens up together with the view. Here, at the extreme top end of the ski area, just below the red glow of the Catinaccio, you can gaze upon the Dolomites to the infinity of the horizon.

Wrapped in blankets, admirers of this natural spectacle sit lost in thought at little tables, enjoying should they wish a Sunset Skiing Aperitivo with a few small snacks, enchanted by the panorama and wishing goodnight to the mythical character who, according to legend, once brought about this unique spectacle…

Sunset Skiing Aperitif
Sunset Skiing Aperitif
Start direction sunset

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