The best summer activities in the Eggental valley

Sarah Meraner

The best summer activities in the Eggental valley

It’s going to be a super summer!

Get out, have fun! When the sun is outshining the people and the green of the mountain meadows is in overwhelming competition with the royal blue of the sky, then it's time! Time to experience nature, time to explore nature, time to enjoy nature! You can do all that here in the Eggental. Of course, it can be done in the classic tried and tested ways, such as hiking or biking, which are also THE top activities in this country. But wait! Hiking doesn't just mean hiking here. And biking means much more than just "cycling” here. In the Eggental, everything is just a little bit more! ;) So, clear the stage for our Eggental super summer tips!

#1 Colossal cinema – to admire

Popcorn, coke and 3D glasses? You don't need all that here! The Eggental mountain cinemas are a hundred times better, no hang on, A FEW THOUSAND TIMES BETTER! Because here you are at least 1,000 metres above sea level watching a colossal spectacle that you cannot admire in any other cinema in the world! In other words: enjoy the colourful summer where you can enjoy it best: in one of the six "halls" of Eggental nature’s outdoor cinema. What are they? Well, these:

The Latemarwiesen (admire the Rosengarten’s strange rock formations at 1,861 metres above sea level), the Waltherplatz (at the base of the Rosengarten with view over the Latemar, the Weißhorn and Schwarzhorn, the Ortler, the Stubai and Zillertal Alps, the Tschafon and the Schlern), the Laab Alm (south east of Deutschnofen with fabulous impressions and views of the village, the Ötztal Alps, the Brenta Group, the Schlern, the Rosengarten and the Latemar), the Latemar.Natura 3-4 hour nature and adventure trail, the Steineggerhof (with view of the Ritten, Seiser Alm, Schlern and Rosengarten) and the Furner Oach with its Oscar worthy show of spectacular mountains: the Rosengarten, Schlern, Zillertal Alps, the Villanderer Alm and the Ritten high plateau.

Mountain Cinema - Latemar
Mountain cinema Latemarium
Mountain Cinema Val d'Ega

#2 Learn a lot Latemar – to experience

Experience summer in the Dolomites: this is also possible on the Latemarium’s six themed paths in Eggental – and yes, they invite you to be inspired, to learn and experience, to understand, to rejoice, to marvel and to collect summer colours! :)

Exciting paths lead …

… the whole family to a wooden sound game, a bellows and the largest hearing aid in the world on the Latemar.Natura trail!
... all panorama addicts to the larch wood viewing platform on the Latemar.Panorama trail!
... all those seeking peace and quiet on a hiking trail just perfect for dreaming and enjoying, the Latemar.Relax!
... all gourmets from one alpine hut to the next on the Latemar.Alp!
... all art lovers to one of the highest exhibition sites in the world on the Latemar.Art!
... all curious hikers on a weather-related theme and adventure trail, the Latemar.Meteo.

Adventure park Latemarium

#3 Sparkling stars – to soar

In Eggental, you can reach for the stars. And for the planets. And for infinity – and beyond! South Tyrol’s first Star Village offers real highlights for inquisitive sky-watchers: the "Max Valier" observatory with a six-metre dome and the Cassergrain telescope, the "Peter Anich" solar observatory, the 7 km long planetary path on a scale of 1: 1 billion and one of the world's most modern planetariums in the middle of Gummer Star Village.
Here the Cosmos Simulator whisks you into the universe with an incredible resolution of 12 million pixels on the dome and sophisticated 3D technology! :)
A visit to the star village to gaze in wonder at the 19 million celestial bodies from here is particularly tempting on warm summer nights and something really special! :)

Star observatory at Obergummer
Show at the Planetarium Südtirol - Alto Adige
Observation of the starry sky through the telescope

#4 Daring downhills – to race down

Summertime = bike time! They're really waking up now, the many leisurely cyclists, action bikers and speed junkies – to feel the wind, master the jumps and enjoy the scenery! It really doesn't matter whether the path leads up, down or simply straight ahead: in the Eggental, you are out and about in a colourful and scenic bike paradise! :) Speaking of spoiling you: the Eggentaler communities take really good care of their bike holidaymakers with bike hire, bike schools, bike guides, bike hotels, guided MTB tours, a MTB festival, the bike park and the bike trail ... phew! Even the toughest can get out of breath here! ;) Click here and come on in to get an overview of the generous bike services on offer!

Biketrail Carezza at the Val d'Ega
Mountainbiking with panorama of the Dolomites Catinaccio & Latemar

#5 Grandiose golf – to enjoy

The following activity is somewhat calmer and more focused, but by no means badly off in the Eggental’s strong summer colours: Golf! You can swing your golf club in the tranquil village of Petersberg, where you can play on the oldest 18-hole golf course in South Tyrol. And the one in Carezza is the highest in the country, by the way. Playing golf in such magnificent areas is absolutely unique – you are playing here in the middle of a UNESCO World Heritage Site surrounded by gigantic mountains and dense forests – driving, pitching and putting in the most grandiose style! :) And with the Alpine-Mediterranean cuisine and fine wines you can enjoy the summer extremely stylishly in the clubhouses at the two golf courses.

Pond Golfclub Petersberg/Monte S.Pietro | © Golfclub Petersberg
Golfing under the Rosengarten/Catinaccio | © Golf & Cuntry Carezza
Golf ball under the Rosengarten | © Golf and Country Carezza

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