Winter, Our First Love

Sarah Meraner
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Winter, Our First Love

We all remember our children’s first steps – and probably their first steps on snow too! Parents who love winter sports are keen to introduce their kids to the joy of skiing as early as possible so that they develop a passion for whizzing down the slopes. After all, skiing is much more than just exercise. So, Mum and Dad – listen to your kids! Here’s what they want to tell you on the topic of skiing:

“Mum, skiing makes you clever!”

Did you know that skiing makes you clever? Exercise in general has been shown to improve how our brains work and our ability to remember things. Skiing trains children’s coordination, balance, ability to concentrate and decision-making skills in stressful situations. It helps us learn and stay motivated. And, of course, it also helps us spend time out in the fresh mountain air – where our little brains work soooooo much better! 

“Dad, skiing is fun!”

That’s true! During exercise dopamine is released, which helps create connections between synapses in our brains. That means skiing helps us to learn. And on top of that it is simply great fun! Within just a few days we know how to start, stop and turn. Glistening snow, fun with new friends and lots of mega cool scenery. I love skiing!

“Mum, Dad – Carezza is great”

There is so much to see, do and discover here! The King Laurin Kinderland, the Naniland and the children’s area at Karer Pass are three places where ski courses for youngsters teach us the basics every day for 2.5 hours from Monday to Friday. There are also bouncy castles, snow hills to slide down, easy-to-use conveyor belt lifts, special children’s lifts – and even a Myths and Legends Trail and a King Laurin Piste! Learning to ski with experienced instructors and new friends is so much fun that I never want to stop!

Did you know that the Carezza Ski School also offers professional childcare for an hour, half a day or a whole day?
Or we could visit the snowpark together, a paradise for freestyle skiers and snowboarders. It now has a new Tunnel World – the only of its kind in the province of Alto Adige. 
And we can also go tobogganing in Carezza if we want.

Dear Mum and Dad. We have fallen in love with Carezza. The snow. The skiing. Everything is just soooo cool!

kids toboggan panorama Catinaccio

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