Meadow tree summer cloud | © Günther Pichler
Meadow tree summer cloud | © Günther Pichler
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plastic-free accommodation

Bye bye, plastic!

Plastic-free accommodation in the Eggental valley

We not only love our natural surroundings in the Dolomite mountains of the Eggental valley, we honour them. That is why we attach such importance to environmentally conscious management – and want to pass this on to our accommodation providers too. Our approach is that plastic-free is also possible! And more and more hotels, B&Bs, apartments and farms are following our call, avoiding plastic where possible or doing completely without. They make their teams and guests aware of environmental protection issues and proper waste management, switching from disposable products to reusable alternatives. Here you can find places that are already setting a good example – with more following all the time. So may we introduce you to the plastic-free accommodation of the Eggental valley? Together we can create a valley that is plastic-free!

© Harald Wisthaler
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