Look very closely and you may be able to spot eye-catching rock formations – the Latemar Dolls frozen into stone according to the ancient legend. Walkers can explore the Labyrinth Trail leading directly up to the Latemar Towers into the Dolomites – UNESCO World Heritage.


With the public bus line:
- 184 direct line Nova Levante and Ega such as from Monte S. Pietro and Nova Ponente;
- 181 from Pietralba, Monte S. Pietro and Nova Ponente to Ponte Nova with change to 184;
- 180 from Bolzano such as from Passo Costalunga to Ponte Nova with change to 184;
- 182 from Collepietra to Ponte Nova with change to 184;

bus stop: Obereggen; online bus timetables on the website of South Tyrol Mobility.

By car:
Destination: Obereggen
Position: https://goo.gl/maps/QNdzaBRp1NmRCat58

Via Dolomiti 4 - 39056 Nova Levante
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1 Ticket - 17 lifts - 3 mountains

Holders of the Mountain Pass can use 17 lifts in the heart of the RosengartenLatemar and Schlern/Sciliar any three or five days within a period of seven consecutive days.

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