The Peststöcklein of Steinegg|Collepietra stands directly on the old road from Steinegg|Collepietra to Bozen|Bolzano, about 2 km from Steinegg (25 minutes' walk). It is a tabernacle wayside shrine with a shingle roof from the second quarter of the 15th century. The pictures in the 4 shallow round arch niches show the crucifixion group on the front, the Annunciation of Mary with a St. Bishop on the left and St. Christopher on the right. The frescoes were restored several years ago.


Getting to the "Peststöcklein" by public transport is easy and convenient.

By public bus line:
- 182 from Bozen | Bolzano,
- 180 or 187 from Karersee | Lago di Carezza, Karerpass | Passo Costalunga, Welschnofen | Nova Levante - 182 from Birchabruck | Ponte Nova
- 184 from Stenk, Eggen | Ega, Obereggen
- 184 or 181 from Weissenstein | Pietralba, Petersberg | Monte San Pietro, Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente
- 182 from Gummer | San Valentino
- 180 from Val di Fassa

Bus stop: Steinegg | Collepietra, Dorf + 25 minutes walk (2 km)
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Location: Peststöcklein:


By car:
Destination: Steinegg|Collepietra Village
Parking: Steinegg|Collepietra Village + 25 minutes walk (2 km)
Location: Peststöcklein:


Kirchweg|Via della Chiesa 5 - 39053 Steinegg|Collepietra
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