Every vacationer in South Tyrol has to visit Lake Carezza, the most gorgeous Alpine mountain lake!
This small mountain lake is well-known for its soft, deep green waters and the exquisite view of the Rosengarten and Latemar mountain ranges.

The lake is at its most gorgeous in the evening or early morning, when the Rosengarten-Latemar mountain ranges and the green of the Karerwald forest are reflected in its crystal clear water. This is a natural spectacle you won't want to miss!

Many South Tyrolean legends are based around the lake, such as that of the water nymph, and many writers and painters have chosen the motif for their paintings and stories.

Situated at 1,520 metres above sea level, Lake Carezza is 300 m long and 140 m wide in the Val d'Ega municipality of Nova Levante and is a protected natural monument. It is fed by underground springs from the Latemar mountain range, which is why both its size and depth are highly dependent on season and weather conditions - the greatest depth of Lake Carezza has been recorded at 22 m.

As Lake Carezza is a protected area, it is forbidden to cross the protective boundaries around the lake. Likewise, bathing and swimming in it is also strictly prohibited.  

Lake Carezza is accessible without barriers. At the car park of the lake there are a total of 4 parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities. At the lake there is a visitor centre with barrier-free toilets and a barrier-free passage to the lake. The viewing platform and the circular walk around the lake are also barrier-free. 

There are refreshment facilities at the visitor centre, which include two bistros. Other places to stop are the restaurants and huts in the area.

Lake Carezza is accessible around the clock all year round. The visitor centre with its subway for pedestrians and the toilets are open daily from 9 am - 6 pm.

For more info on Lake Carezza, click here: eggental.com/lakecarezza


Getting to the lake by public transport is easy and convenient.

By public bus line:
- 180 from Bozen | Bolzano, Val di Fassa
- 180 from Karer Pass | Passo Costalunga, Karer See | Lago di Carezza
- 180 from Birchabruck | Ponte Nova
- 184 and change 180 from Obereggen, Eggen | Ega
- 181 and change 180 from Weissenstein | Pietralba, Petersberg | Monte San Pietro, Deutschnofen | Nova Ponente, Stenk
- 187 from Steinegg | Collepietra, Gummer | San Valentino

Bus stop: Welschnofen | Nova Levante, Lago di Carezza; online timetable search at: https://www.suedtirolmobil.info/en/
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nNUhufMTPAGv91h27

By car:
Destination: Welschnofen | Nova Levante
Parking: Parking lot Karer See | Lago di Carezza (a payment)
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/nNUhufMTPAGv91h27
Via Dolomiti - 39056 Nova Levante/Welschnofen
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