Val d'Ega

Family programme in the Dolomites

The family programme in South Tyrol’s Val d'Ega

Like kids in the mountains

As the summer sun shines down from the sky over the Val d'Ega, kids will be itching to get outdoors! Both they and their parents will feel the need to get moving…

A gigantic playground

The Val d'Ega in South Tyrol can open its invisible doors to a host of adventures and legendary figures. Life on the farm makes the kids light up with curiosity, while the forests of the Dolomites are there to be explored! There are tricky mini-golf courses and horseback riding, high-ropes courses and walks by torchlight: the family programme in the Val d'Ega offers all kinds of activities!

The Family programme 

23.06.2019 - 07.09.2019

Children on horseback

Every Monday the little ones can enjoy a fun-packed afternoon with the horses, getting to know the animals at various stations. What are the different horse breeds? What are horse care and horse styling? How do you shoe horses with hooves? How do you understand and deal with horses? And the introductory riding course also offers plenty of riding tips!

When: Mondays from 16:00 to 18:00
Where: Angerle Alm riding centre
Price: €12.00 per child
Booking: up until 12:00 noon in the Tourist Office

NEW! Treasure hunt: Following in the footsteps of the "Robbers of Deutschnofen"

My grandmother Anne was always an adventurous person. She was always very busy, what with looking after her children, the chickens, the house, and the farmstead, but she had a passion for investigating mysteries and solving riddles. One day, she heard that many, many years ago a band of robbers had set up camp in the forests of Deutschnofen. The story was told that they had established their hide-out in abandoned corn mills. A long time ago, a rich Venetian merchant who dealt in gold and gems is believed to have lived not far from there. Was that maybe a coincidence?
In every spare moment – and Grandmother Anne didn't have much of that – she tried to find out more, and to discover the location of the aforementioned corn mills. That's because no one knew exactly where these mills were – and the forest of Deutschnofen was a wild and uncharted place. Tragically, Grandmother Anne died under mysterious circumstances right in the midst of her investigation. No one knows for sure what really had happened. Maybe she knew too much? The adventurer Grandmother Anne was sadly unable to complete her mission, and the mystery of the mills and the robbers in Deutschnofen is still unsolved. But only recently, I stumbled upon a map in my grandmother's attic – a map that she must have drawn up only a short time before she died.
So, are you brave enough to come with me on a journey of discovery, and find the robbers' hide-out? Who knows what treasures we'll find there?!

Length: 4-5 km
Difference in altitude: 200 meters
When: Tuesdays from 10:00 am to 03:00 pm
Meeting place: Oberkofl Parking Lot - Nova Ponente

Price: €7.00 for adults, €5.00 for children. Booking: up until 5:00 pm on the previous day from tourist offices.

NEW! SOURCE OF POWER - ADVENTURE FOREST: Discovering nature with head, heart and hand

On this adventure trail we search for the secrets of the forest and playfully recognize the connections of forest life: trees, bushes, animals and herbs. Together we work out and feel nature, and recognize how important the forest with its power places is for our life and well-being. Together we will learn to see the forest with different eyes.

When: Wednesdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Meeting place: Obereggen Tourist Office

NEW! A different kind of farm - llamas, alpacas, parrots, etc.

Presentation of the farm, the animals, getting to know the animals, life, activities and everyday life at the farm...

When: Wednesdays from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm (only july and august)
Meeting place:  Farm Prennergut at Nova Levante

Price: €7.00 for adults, €5.00 for children. Booking: up until 5:00 pm on the previous day from tourist offices.

Climbing for beginners

Every week, newcomers large and small can try out climbing for the first with the guides at the Catinaccio Alpin Centre: basic safety techniques are taught on the climbing wall in Carezza, with rope games for kids also on the programme.
N.B.: bring sneakers, comfortable clothing and food. Gear is provided by the Alpin Centre. Participation at your own risk. Come by car!
When: every Wednesday from end-June to mid-September
Duration: 09.00 to approx. 15.00
Price: with Guest Card: €21.00 for kids, €26.00 for adults; without Guest Card €23.00 for kids, €28.00 for adults.
Booking: no later than 18.00 on the previous Monday at the local information office.
Minimum number of participants: 4 persons

Farm visit

The owners of the Spörlhof in Nova Ponente recount the farm’s history and give an insight into everyday life with a tour of the farm and its fields.

When: every Thursday from 16:30 to 18:30
Where: Spörlhof, Nova Ponente
Price: €7.00 / adult, €5.00 / child
Followed by juice made on the farm.

Exciting walk by torchlight to the vanished 

Not far from the Lago di Carezza is supposedly a meadow that, according to season, fills with water. Legend has it that a local farmer's wife would collect leaves for her cows and was overwhelmed by the water at this place. Who can find the vanished lake? We go in search of this special place with torches, also learning much about the special lakes of the region and the legends that surround them.
Torch required.

Length: 2.8 km
Difference in altitude: 72 metres descent | 60 metres ascent
When: Thursdays from 08:00 pm to 10:30 pm
Meeting place: bus stop by Lago di Carezza Visitor Centre

Price: €7.00 for adults, €5.00 for children. Booking: up until 5:00 pm on the previous day from tourist offices.

Star hiking tour - S. Valentino 

05.07.-30.08.2019 (except 19.07.2019) 
Inspired by the motto "Experience Stars - Discover Planets - Enjoy Nature", this guided hike is a must for all those fascinated by the night sky. Highlight include observing the sun trough a telescope and learning more about the planets and stars. The hike ends wiht a visit to the local observatory to discover the planets of our solar system in 3D.

10:00 am – demonstration at the Planetarium '
11:00 am - drive with private car to the observatory in San Valentino di Sopra
11:30 am –  escursion on the planet path
12:30 Uhr –  lunch break
15:00 Uhr – guided tour in the solar observatory (cancelled on 5 July & 16 August) 

Meeting point: Planetarium Südtirol, S. Valentino – back with the shuttle bus | Payment on site 

Farmhouse bread baked according to the old tradition

Every first and third Friday of the month, bread is baked according to the old tradition in the wood-fired oven at the Unteregger inn in San Valentino di Sopra.

When: 11:30 to 13:30 on 17.05., 07.06., 21.06., 05.07., 19.07., 02.08., 16.08., 06.09., 20.09. &  04.10.2019
Where: Gasthof Unteregger, San Valentino di Sopra
Price: free / booking not required

Unteregger farm day

A fun day on the farm with music, strauben (sweet fritters) and games, especially suitable for families and children.
Farm tour with Gottfried, approx. 1 hour playing in the hay barn, Food available (typical peasant dishes and strauben), painting competition and various games for children
When: from 11.00 on 12.07., 26.07., 09.08. und 23.08.2019
Where: Gasthof Unteregger, San Valentino di Sopra
Price: free / booking not required

The family programme:

The magical world of Dolomite legends & stars

A creative journey in the footsteps of dwarves, nymphs and other fabulous beings from 30 June 2019 to 31 August 2019: The packages include 7 nights’ accommodation with half board, and a weekly programme for families. Large and small alike can investigate the fascinating world of the Dolomite legends & the stars between the Catinaccio and Latemar massifs. 


  • Kids discover farmlife in the Eggental
    Fascinating family program in the Eggental/Val d'Ega
    Campfire at the familiy proframm in Summer
    Family-hike in the Latemar labyrinth with view on the Rosengarten/Catinaccio
    Lama & Alpaca trekking under the Rosengarten | © Prennergut Welschnofen