Fixe rope routes in the Dolomites

Fixed rope routes in the Dolomites around the Val d’Ega

Climbing, mountaineering, close to the rock

The fixed rope routes of the Val d’Ega run along rock walls and penetrate deep into the mountain world of the Dolomites, leading over gullies and boulder fields up to the mighty rock towers and many a mountain peak – top work!

Climbing safety

Hold by hold, step by step, with a carabiner always attached to the steel cables - this is the way adventurers conquer the medium to hard climbing routes that run ever upwards. The start of the climbs are easy to reach: soon you will be on your way up via rocky steps, iron ladders and ridges. Surefootedness is required and approved safety equipment is a must!

Check your technique and gear first!

To play it safe, improve your technique or have your gear checked, simply pay a visit to the mountain guides of Val d'Ega and let the experts advise you.