Val d'Ega

GEOPARC Bletterbach

The Bletterbach gorge near Aldino

The (hi)story of the Earth

Hiking in the mountains instead of on the mountains: rock walls tower 400 metres up into the Dolomite sky on either side, revealing a vast range of rock colours and formations and telling one of the most exciting stories of all: 40+ million years of the history of the Earth

A journey through the history of the Earth

The GEOPARC Bletterbach offers fans of geology and of history, as well as hikers and families, the chance to take a trip into the Earth’s past: the Bletterbach gorge has been formed by weathering – all since the last Ice Age, some 18,000 years ago - and erosion. The otherwise unremarkable Bletterbach stream has nonethe-less carved its way into the rocks, unhindered, along a path that is now 8 kilometres long and 400 metres wide. The rock layers thus now exposed to our admiring gaze not only tell us about the climate that existed 250 million years ago, but also about the flora and fauna of the time – as there is no shortage of fossils in the Bletterbach gorge!

Betterbach Gorge Aldein/Aldino
Hiking in the Bletterbach Gorge - South Tyrol
Hiking in the Bletterbach Gorge
Geological Parc - Bletterbach Gorge | © Eggental Tourismus

More details

Guided tours, themed paths, family hikes and a forest trail all open up the Bletterbach gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to explorers large and small. Numerous hikes also begin at the visitor centre car park, for example to the nearby Laner Alm, also the destination of the forest trail - or up to the Corno Bianco that rises high above the gorge. Hiking, exploring, discovering: the Bletterbach gorge is THE must–see attraction in the Val d’Ega!