Lake Carezza

The fairy-tale Lake of the Dolomites

How to get there?

Lago di Carezza in the Dolomites of the Val d’Ega

The colourful lake of legends

A lake that changes colours where, according to legend, a water nymph lives beneath the surface. A lake whose crystal-clear waters reflect the giant Latemar and Catinaccio massifs in the mornings and evenings. A place where visitors stop, marvel and rub their eyes in amazement. This is the Lago di Carezza: the fairy-tale lake of the Dolomites, known in the Ladin language as the Lech de l'ercaboan – the Rainbow Lake.

Lake Carezza with view on the Rosengarten/Catinaccio
Lake Carezza - Latemar panorama
Lake Carezza in Winter
Lake Carezza - in the heart of the Dolomites

Lake facts

Measuring 300 metres long and 140 metres wide, the Lago di Carezza lies at an altitude of 1,520 metres under the Latemar massif, at the edge of the Latemar forest in the Val d’Ega municipality of Nova Levante. It is a protected natural landmark and is fed by underground springs from the Latemar range, which is why its size and depth are heavily influenced by the season and weather: its greatest measured depth was 22 metres.  

Lake adventure

If you wish you can walk right round the Lago di Carezza and view it from all sides, while a short walk upwards brings you to the famous Labyrinth trail under the Latemar! A visitor centre offers information and souvenirs, while the bistro has refreshments for hungry walkers.

Lake Carezza - How to get there? 

How to get there?