val d'Ega

Carezza in the Dolomites

Hotels at Carezza

The village of Carezza in the Val d’Ega

The hamlet on the shores of the enchanted lake

The little village of Carezza (1,620 m) is just as charming as the eponymous fairy-tale lake that is an essential part of the holiday backdrop in the Val d’Ega!

An exploration tour in Carezza

Hiking, climbing, biking in the Carezza ski and hiking area. Finding peace of mind. Or getting close to the Roda di Vaèl mountain in the “Kluan Roatwandl” climbing park! Combing the Carezza forest, chasing legends. Or walking through the Latemar labyrinth, zooming down the Carezza pistes and indulging in the rich colours of the mythical Lago di Carezza. Witnessing the Enrosadira, the alpenglow, at first hand, watching the pale walls of the Dolomites turn a blazing red at sunset. With its hotels, guest houses and holiday apartments, Carezza, a village of just 100 souls nestling at the very heart of the Dolomites World Heritage Site, offers wonderful holiday moments to its guests - to be treasured in memory and in the heart.

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  • The Lake Carezza under the Latemar
    Aerial view of Carezza
    Carezza under the Rosengarten
    Alpine huts in the winterlandscape under Latemar
    View on the snowy Rosengarten from the Lake Carezza
    Chapel under the snowy Latemar